if you have wondered how you can make your house transmit peace and tranquility there are some protection rituals that will help you foster an atmosphere of harmony among family members.

Home is the sacred space where we relax after a long day, recharge, isolate ourselves from the world and where we create valuable memories with our partner and family, that’s why it is important that it is free from the negativity that we could bring from abroadas well as the envy of other people.

The following ritual, suggested by the esoteric arts expert Luz Silva Solar on the Hechizo.net site, helps us eliminate low-frequency vibrations (which cause toxic emotions, fights, tension and anger) and will create a protective barrier from external threats that harm our well-being.

It is advisable to carry out this procedure on a Saturday, the day of the week governed by Saturn, the planet in charge of our protection. The materials that we will use are:

– An empty glass bottle
– A ball of wool (it can be yarn) of the color you want
– Sal marina
– A sprig of rosemary

Take the bottle and add the sea salt up to half. Place it behind your front door and next to it put the ball of yarn. Every time you come home with heavy or negative energy, cut off a piece and put it in the bottle.. You can ask your family members to do the same. With this simple procedure, the negativity will be encapsulated and your home will remain energetically clean.

When the bottle is full of pieces of yarn, put the sprig of rosemary, close it well and store it in a place where it is not visible. You should throw it away when cleaning the house. If you wish, you can start the ritual again and repeat the process.

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