As we transition from spring to summer and temperatures begin to reach the late teens you may be wondering how you can make the most of these fleeting summer days.

The kids may be tempted to stay inside and play video games or watch TV on their tablets. But outdoor activities won’t just help them get some much-needed fresh air and improve their physical health, but they can also help them sleep better and improve their confidence, self-esteem and even concentration for school.

Here are some of our top outdoor activities to keep kids active and entertained this summer.


Is there anything better than a kick-around with friends in the park? Whether it’s an informal game with a couple of mates, or a proper match with a local club, getting out and about in summer makes fixtures in the winter months worthwhile.


As quintessential as strawberries and cream, whether it’s a game of singles or doubles, tennis can be a great way to improve hand-eye coordination. If your child is new to tennis and you don’t want to invest in all the equipment, check the LTA Youth Start programme to see if there are any training sessions in your local area.

Designed for kids aged 4-11, your child will get six tennis lessons, a racket, a set of balls, and skills that will last a lifetime all for under £30.


Whether you live inland or by the coast, swimming is a necessary life skill. At the end of a hot day, grab the goggles and the costumes and head to your local pool for a cool down.

On super-hot days, why not pack a picnic and visit your nearest lido or beach for a full day out in the sun? Many outdoor pools around the country are set within Art Deco buildings, making them a great backdrop for Instagram-worthy family snaps.

Garden obstacle courses

We know that people are keeping a closer eye on their finances as the cost of living continues to rise, but you don’t need to spend money to get the kids outdoors and active.

Building a garden obstacle course with things you already have around the house is a great way to spend an afternoon. Get them involved in designing the course and it’ll fire up their imagination.

Use buckets, brooms, balls, skipping ropes, and any other objects they can climb over, crawl under, spin around or run through!

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