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Lidl vs Cecotec Compact Rapid oil-free fryer: which cheap Airfryer is better?

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There are two air fryers that sweep sales within the low cost segment. Lidl’s and Cecotec’s, but what are the differences between the two?

If you are thinking of buying a cheap fryer without oil, there are several options that are around 50 euros and that are perfect if you have never had an appliance of this type.

Specifically, doubts arise about whether Lidl’s oil-free fryer or Cecotec Compact Rapid is better , both with similar prices and characteristics, although Lidl’s usually has a much more limited availability.

We wanted to compare their benefits to clarify which of the two is more convenient in each case, with several points that make it possible to establish clear differences.

The first one has to do with the options when buying it, and that is that Lidl’s Silvercrest only appears from time to time in its physical stores or in the online store.

  1. Price
  2. Capacity
  3. Power
  4. Functions
  5. conclusion

60 euros in Lidl vs 44 euros in Cecotec


The price of the Lidl air fryer, when you can buy it, is practically 60 euros . For its part, the one from Cecotec costs just 44 euros , so there is a clear difference in terms of cost.

The Compact Rapid Sun is undoubtedly one of the best-selling air fryers precisely because it is one of the cheapest, with a price that exceeds almost all the competition and also constant availability in the Spanish brand’s store.

In both cases, it is an affordable investment for the entry-level range, that is, for users who have never had an appliance of this type and do not know if it is worth it or not.

Lidl’s fryer has much more capacity, one liter more

One of the keys when buying a fryer without oil is the capacity of its basket. This is so because the size matters when turning the food inside so that it cooks equally everywhere.

Not only that, but it also influences the size of the portions, obviously.

Here it must be said that the Lidl Silvercrest fryer is much better than the Cecotec one , and that is that it has a 2.5L capacity in its basket instead of the 1.4L of the Compact Rapid.

1,350W against only 900W in the case of Cecotec

Another characteristic of this comparison that favors the Lidl model is the power, much higher in its case (1,350W compared to the 900W of Cecotec).

That said, more power doesn’t always have to be better. It cooks faster, yes, but perhaps in certain foods it is better to cook slowly so that they finish cooking more completely.

In addition, the higher the power, the higher the electricity consumption, another element that is increasingly important and that must always be taken into account, especially now that the electricity bill is through the roof.

Same temperature and same programs

When it comes to the use of their programs, temperature management and cooking itself, they are practically identical. They reach a maximum of 200º and have eight predefined programs.

Both come with a little cookbook that you can flip through for ideas , because air fryers don’t just fry, they also dehydrate fruit, to give you one example of an often overlooked feature.

Conclusion: Lidl would win if it weren’t for its low availability

The final conclusion of this comparison is that Lidl’s oil-free airfyer is more complete than Cecotec’s , at least more complete than Compact Rapid, although it has its problems.

The main one is that it is very difficult to buy it since, as we have mentioned, it is not easy to find it in stores.

That means that the one from Cecotec is presented for just 44 euros as a good alternative if you have never had an air fryer yet.

In any case, there is no doubt that the two are among the best air fryers of 2022 .


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