LEGO creates augmented reality treasure hunt with thousands of euros in prizes

LEGO launches a worldwide treasure hunt to promote its loyalty program, in which fans can win thousands of prizes.

LEGO wants to reward its most loyal fans and has therefore launched a worldwide loyalty program so that fans of these toys can access various prizes and rewards for their loyalty. This program is called “LEGO Insiders”.

In order to promote this novelty, the toy brand has decided to create a worldwide augmented reality treasure hunt called “LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt”, which will run until October 2, 2023.

“LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt.”

This action carried out by LEGO aims to offer its most loyal followers who have joined this loyalty program a game where, thanks to augmented reality, they will be able to access to search for a golden brick and, with it, win great prizes.

During the search period for this treasure, of all the participants, only six will be chosen to become the winners of the week, each from a different country, and will become “LEGO millionaires”, earning points worth up to 8,200 euros, which can be exchanged for LEGO products.

This is not all, and is that these six people will not only be the lucky ones to win prizes, there will also be other rewards for all those who are in this new loyalty program and participate in this adventure of augmented reality. The prizes range from digital LEGO comics to unlockable items for the brand’s games or downloadable images of the company’s history.

The new loyalty program “LEGO Insiders”.

The toy manufacturer has wanted to reward its most loyal consumers and has therefore designed a loyalty program through which all those who are part of it will be able to access great prizes.

This new program replaces another that the toy brand already had in place, where people who wanted to could be VIP of the brand. Now, with “LEGO Insiders”, all those who want to sign up can do it through the website of the toy brand and access to many prizes, as well as having the opportunity to play in this new augmented reality adventure, “LEGO Insiders Treasure Hunt”.

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