When we mention the word casino, we always think of Las Vegas, of course. However, in recent decades there has been increasing talk of other large cities with luxury resorts. Asia managed to create its own Las Vegas in the Chinese city of Macau. These two have quite a few differences and it can be difficult to figure out which one is more favorable.

Although the two places are well-known casinos, actually the experience of the two places is very different. In this article, we will briefly compare the differences between these two casino kings.

Las Vegas – the king of casinos

Since its creation in the 1940s, Las Vegas has been the great world reference for gambling and casinos, a city to go to to be able to contemplate the luxury of its hotels, entertainment, and everything that surrounds this sector.

Casinos in Las Vegas are dominated by Europeans and Americans. Most Europeans and Americans enter casinos as a family unit, looking for entertainment and don’t care about winning or losing.

When you come to Las Vegas, the casino will of course be the focal point. The city is famous for land-based gaming, but many players also prefer to play online for real money from the comfort of their hotel rooms or on the go while enjoying other entertainment options. The casinos in the two cities are very different in every way. Aside from casinos, other entertainment options in Macau are limited. In Las Vegas, there are many places to shop, places to see, and shows to watch. In the evening, many people drink in bars and watch football. The types of entertainment are relatively complete.

Macau, the great Asian competitor to Las Vegas

The mythical city of gambling in the United States has its main competitor in the Chinese city of Macau, which is also home to some of the best casinos in the world. This Asian city is the only one in the country where gambling is allowed, as well as the most densely populated on the planet. This is because in recent years their tourism and economic level has increased greatly thanks to the exploitation of the law that allows them to have the only legal casinos in China.

For this reason and the growth of the casino sector, with all the games that can be played online and physically, it is a reference in Asia, and its fame is already reaching unsuspected heights to the point of receiving daily ferries from Hong Kong or flights from different parts of the world, who wish to contemplate the growth of the city.

Macau nightlife is colorful, mysterious and charming, and full of cosmopolitan colors, which can be said to be well-known both at home and abroad.

Las Vegas vs. Macau – Similarities and Differences

Las Vegas vs. Macau – Similarities and Differences

America’s gambling capital, the city of all sins, has left an indelible mark on the collective imagination with its oversized hotels and the integration of gambling into every part of the city. You need to know that, Macau is the Asian counterpart of Las Vegas and the two cities have many similarities. The similarities between these two cities are also other:

  • Both have a population of around 650,000
  • Both have a Venetian Casino (which is the largest in both Las Vegas and Macau) and a Wynn Casino
  • Being on the other side of the globe, Las Vegas and Macau have many differences:
  • Despite a nearly equal population, Las Vegas is three times the size of Macau

In contrast, Macau has twice as many rooms for tourists, who stay an average of 1 day compared to the 4 days they stay in Las Vegas.

In the American city, the most popular game is represented by slot machines (of which the most popular is Wheel of Fortune), in Macau players prefer Baccarat and Sic Bo. You go to Las Vegas not only to gamble, but to Macau mainly to gamble (considering that alcohol is not allowed)

As for casino revenues, it is estimated that in Macau they are almost three times higher than in Las Vegas. This partly explains why some historic Las Vegas hotel-casinos, such as the Venetian and the Wynn, has opened a sister hotel in the East. However, it should be noted that in Macau the game is played much stronger and in a more professional manner, which led some players in 2013 to be able to extort 4 million dollars from casinos in just 24 hours.

From Macau to Las Vegas via Monaco, the most beautiful casinos in the world are really small towns, comprising thousands of hotel rooms, restaurants, bars, and brand boutiques. As soon as you enter one of these magical places, everything that happens outside has no interest, because the service offered is so close to perfection.


In short, looking at the data, it appears that Macau has replaced Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world. However, it must be taken into account that Las Vegas offers much more varied entertainment t tourists, who stop in Nevada not just to gamble. Macau casinos are far inferior to Las Vegas casinos in terms of size, luxury, and entertainment facilities. To summarize the style of the whole city is completely different.

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