Nowadays, it is very usual to find storage facilities to keep all kinds of belongings and household items. By properly organising storage containers, one may simply make the most by renting out modest storage spaces. 

However, if you don’t properly arrange, organise, and store it, the entire goal of hiring a self-storage facility in brooklyn won’t be serve as you may have trouble keeping track of what you have stored in which box half the time. If you leave things disorganised, you won’t be able to maximise the area you have and can need a lot of room, which could be costly.

  • Maintain a proper list

If you intend to store an excessive amount of stuff in the storage unit, trust me, you will not be able to recall every item you have stored there until you open and inspect every box. You could recall the larger goods but there’s a good chance that you’ll forget about the majority of the smaller stuff you kept in the storage unit.

Therefore, to prevent this from happening, you should make and keep an inventory of everything you have in your storage unit. Record each and every thing you pack in a spreadsheet as you go. While the things are being stored, you may also take images of them. 

The inventory descriptions and all of the images should be saved in a secure location to prevent loss. A map of the locations of the objects you have kept within the container would also be beneficial. Remember to add things to the list if you subsequently add goods to the storage container.

  • Properly disassemble

One of the greatest things to do if you want to make the most of the space in the storage unit is to disassemble the large furniture and then put it inside the storage unit. Ideally, you should take mattresses, table legs, headboards, bed frames, etc. out before storage. 

The individual objects should be kept upright and at the end of the storage unit, though. Of course, you can maintain a mattress upright or lay it flat in the case of one. However, placing the remaining objects vertically would free up more floor space, which you may utilise to store a lot more things.

  • Keep bulky items at the bottom

Make sure the larger, heavier boxes are positioned in the bottom of the storage unit while you are storing stuff there. They should be put near the back of the storage container, which is also a terrific idea. Just be a little bit cautious while positioning heavy things since the lighter one will be harmed if, by chance, a light or delicate item is placed below a larger one.

  • Keep everyday use items at front

It is recommended that you keep objects that you use regularly or more frequently than other items near the front of the storage container. 

This makes it simple for you to get to them whenever you need them. By doing this, you will avoid having to sift through a lot of boxes each time you visit the storage unit to obtain the goods you need regularly.

  • Label the boxes

One of the most important suggestions for organising storage units like a pro is to label the boxes. You could believe that whatever you have put in a box will come to mind. Therefore, before placing any containers or boxes inside the storage unit, please try to mark each and every one of them. 

To label the boxes, you may either use printed labels or use a permanent pen. Another tip is to keep the bins’ labelled side towards the front of the device. This is so that you can quickly notice it as you enter.

  • Use storage shelves

Shelves for storage are not standard in all storage containers. In actuality, not many of them possess it, and those that do are sometimes a bit more expensive. It is preferable if your storage room features storage racks since they will aid in maintaining the area’s organisation

If so, you may think about installing a few of your own storage shelves as they are not that expensive. Additionally, consider purchasing used shelves. So, put them in your storage unit and take pleasure in organising your storage of goods.


Just as important as the storage unit itself is the organisation of the storage unit. Imagine that the forecast calls for chilly weather, and you discover that all of your cold-weather clothing is packed away in a storage unit. You drive to your self-storage unit in the howling wind and freezing temperatures, and you start rummaging through the boxes to find your coats, boots, and sweaters.

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