The OnlyFans platform offers different methods of generating income for its content creators, which can generate between $143,000 and $5.4 million dollars a year, depending on what its most successful creators earn.

OnlyFans has become one of the most lucrative platforms for creators offering exclusive content and, in many cases, with adult audiovisual products. The best content creators share their secrets to encourage you to do the same and generate an amount of income you never imagined.

OnlyFans is a platform that was created in 2016, where many artists uploaded exclusive content for their followers on a subscription basis. People subscribe with a monthly membership to their favorite stars’ site to see photos, videos and live streams that they don’t share on other sites, such as Instagram or TikTok, and with which they get closer to their idol.

Since March 2020, the platform had a growth in the number of memberships (perhaps because of the confinement of the pandemic). Soon after, many content creators rushed to the platform to offer adult material.

According to estimates, there are OnlyFans models that have generated earnings between $143,000 and $5.4 million in one year. OnlyFans CEO Ami Gan shared in October 2022 that the company had paid $10 billion to creators since its founding in 2016 and that the platform had more than 2 million creators.

How do you make money with OnlyFans?

If you intend to generate content for OnlyFans, these are the most common ways to make money:


The main driver for generating revenue on the OnlyFans platform, and what it became known for, is through users subscribing to your site by paying a monthly or annual fee.

According to the company, the creator keeps 80% of the subscription revenue, while OnlyFans keeps 20%. Creators can set different subscription levels and sometimes have accounts that can be accessed for free.

Pay-per-view content

In their feeds (content streams or walls), creators have the option to place additional content behind a paywall. Members of your site can purchase the material, which is usually photos or videos, for an additional cost.

Pay-per-view messages

An artist’s users can message their idols directly, for a per-message fee or a flat fee to interact with the creator. They can even request personalized content for an additional fee.

And does the artist respond? According to content creators, there are so many messages they can receive that they make use of ghostwriters to respond.


Depending on the content you handle and the close relationship you have with your followers, there are subscribers who may send you cash in the form of a tip.

Promotional messages

Like any content creator on any of the other platforms out there, they can make use of marketing to get new customers, such as buying and selling “messages” to each other to advertise on OnlyFans and other social media platforms. This means that between creators, negotiations are generated to advertise themselves in order to get more subscribers on their own channel.

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