At Globelivemedia we mention some of the state programs that will help you get free toys for the 2022 Christmas season in the US, so that you can face the high levels of inflation.

For low-income families in the United States, the upcoming holiday season may be difficult to navigate due to high levels of inflation that have affected the purchasing power of consumers.

But this negative economic environment does not necessarily have to ruin the festivities, as there are many initiatives that could help you get free toys that you can give to your children this Christmas.

At Globelivemedia we tell you how to get toys for free for Christmas 2022 in the United States.

1- Get free toys for Christmas with USPS Operation Santa

Operation Santa of the United States Postal Service (USPS, for its acronym in English) is a program that consists of receiving letters (with requests ranging from toys to basic needs) for Santa Claus written by hundreds of thousands of children and families of all country.

Once received, the USPS allows anyone to “adopt” these letters and respond to them on Santa’s behalf.

The letters are “sent” to the special postal address of Santa Claus, where they are received by the USPS, who are in charge of publishing them, which allows thousands of people to “adopt” them by responding to the requirements of said letters and giving them a merry Christmas. to the kids.

Generally, clothing and shoe requests must be accompanied by the desired sizes, styles, and colors. Letters requesting toys, games, and books should contain names and titles.

It is recommended that these letters be sent as soon as possible (before December 12) so that there is a greater chance that they will be adopted by someone.

The letter must also contain:

1) Your full name and home address.

2) Santa’s mailing address: Santa Claus, 123 Elf Road, North Pole, 88888.

You can encourage your kids to send a letter to the USPS Operation Santa program to get free toys.

2- The Salvation Army helps you get toys for free this Christmas

Through the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program, low-income families can apply for free toys this holiday season.

It is generally recommended that you register your child as soon as possible through an online form or through a local Salvation Army community center, where you will need to provide information about your little ones’ Christmas wishes.

Later, the organizers of the program will take this information to urban centers, where the most charitable people who want to do a good deed will be able to fulfill these wishes.

Among the information you must provide is an identification with a photo, your child’s birth certificate, custody papers, among others.

3- Toy for Tots, an opportunity to get free toys

Toy For Tots is a program run by the US Navy that has distributed more than 627 million toys since its founding in 1947.

To apply to this program, you must go to the official Toy for Tots website and follow these steps:

1) Enter the section called “Request a Toy”.
2) Click on the section that says “If you would like to apply for assistance from Marine Toys for Tots this Christmas, click here”.
3) Choose the state and city in which you reside to see the section of Toy for Tots that works in the area in which you live.
4) Click on the section called “Contact Us” to find the contact information for the Toy for Tots coordinator in your area, so you can request all the information you need to get a free toy.

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