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How to Digitally Sign a PDF Document on Your Smartphone

Unlike a computer, signing an electronic document from a mobile device is a task that can be almost impossible without the correct tool

In the last decade technology has permeated almost all normal aspects of human nature such as culture, society, politics and even the bureaucracy. At the end of the 20th century, the facilities of today did not exist to carry out errands as important as those carried out in a notary’s office. Although there are still many processes that must be done in person, it is already possible to carry out others through virtuality, which saves a lot of time and money.

One of the clearest examples that exist is the opportunity to be able to send signed papers over the internet, which considerably reduces the need to go to a specific point just to spend five minutes receiving a document, signing it and returning it to the person or entity interested in having this role.

However, even with these benefits, people have looked for a way to make the task easier and one of them is the so-called ‘electronic signature’ which consists of the option of being able to sign a document without having to print it, physically sign it and then scan it. , but now a virtual signature can be included in the digital document to send it without having to spend paper, money and of course time.

But what to do when you don’t have a computer nearby and you need to sign a document electronically? The simplest solution is to do it through a cell phone; although it is not such a well-known option in the midst of the people.

Thinking about this, Infobae brings a guide with which to electronically sign a document from a cell phone in addition to sending it immediately from the same device to whoever may be interested.

1. To get started you will need to download Adobe Fill & Sign , an application owned by the computer giant that can be downloaded for free from the Play Store (Android) and the AppStore (iOS).

2. After installing it, open the app and accept the permissions that it asks for to function optimally on your device.

3. Now you must locate an icon in the shape of a pen on which you will have to tap.

4. An option called “create signature” will appear immediately , which you must select in order to write your electronic signature on your cell phone. Draw the signature on the screen with the help of a stylus, a touch-tipped pen, or, if you have no choice, with your finger.

5. Finally, you just have to save the new signature in the application, and that’s it!

To be able to sign a document, you only have to make sure that it is in PDF format and open it with the help of the Adobe application. With the file open, you just have to tap the pen icon again and select the signature you saved previously.

Finally, you must include the signature in the corresponding area within the document and save the changes.

The file will automatically be saved in the location where the original document was stored on the cell phone. Now, if your intention is to share the new PDF from the application, you can do so from the corresponding icon located in the upper right corner. With this option you can share the document in applications such as Gmail, WhatsApp or Telegram.

Finally, it should be remembered that this app does not contain any kind of malware (computer virus), so in addition to being free, it will have a tool that is also safe for your cell phone.

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