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How To Choose A Suitable Self-storage Option For Your Things

If you have a lot of belongings and nowhere to store them, then you may want to consider using a self-storage facility. A self-storage facility is a large warehouse that provides you with a locker, cabinet, or even garage to store your belongings in. The best part about these facilities is that they are highly secure, with around-the-clock security. What this means is that you don’t have to worry about your belongings being stolen or interfered with by other people.

This post will tell you how you can choose a self-storage option that’s suitable for your things:


Location is one of the first things that you need to consider. While it was mentioned in this post’s introduction that self-storage facilities are highly secure, if you rent a self-storage facility in a bad area, then your belongings are naturally at more risk than if they were in a more affluent one. Large cities like Singapore tend to have very secure self-storage facilities wherever you go, so if you are local and interested, be sure to check out Singapore self-storage availability before leasing one in a smaller town or nearby area. Aside from security, you also need to think about convenience. If you are going to need to visit your self-storage unit once or twice a month, then get one that’s located near you. The nearer your unit is, the easier it will be to travel there.


Most self-storage units have other people’s things in when you go to view them. Before you agree to lease a unit, make sure that you declutter. You should always declutter and move things around in units before leasing them so that you can get an idea of how much space you have at your disposal. A cluttered self-storage unit won’t give you a full idea of how much space you have. You will likely need the self-storage tenant’s permission before you begin moving their things around unless they have abandoned their unit (which does happen quite often).


What is the self-storage unit’s purpose? You always need to consider purpose before investing in one, so that you can be sure that you are getting the right unit for you. As mentioned previously, self-storage units come in many different shapes, types, and sizes. Some units can be visited on a daily basis, and others are for more long-term storage. If you intend on regularly visiting your locker, then you need to make sure that the company allows that, and that there is an around-the-clock security guard present to admit you to the premises whenever you need to get on (or a door code).

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Measure the unit once you know how much space you are going to need so that you can be sure there’s enough space for all of your belongings. The best way to determine how much space you are going to need is to put all of your things in a single room, and then measure that room to determine how much less or more space you are going to need. Keep your measurements as accurate as possible so that you can get the right amount of space exactly. If you don’t get the right amount of space then you could end up wasting your money.


In addition to getting enough space for your belongings, you need to get a little bit more for ventilation purposes. If you cram all of your things into a storage locker, then they could become damp or begin to rot. This happens a lot more than you might think and is mainly down to the fact that people don’t account for dampness or ventilation when they are renting out lockers. If you cram your locker full and there’s no room to breathe, then it is highly probable that your locker will get damp and eventually ruin your things.


Lastly, consider if there are any additional extras that you want to get. Some places will offer you cleaning services (meaning that a person comes into your locker and cleans it up for you on a regular basis). Cleaning is great if you are putting expensive furniture in there temporarily or even long-term. You can also get added security, such as a camera inside your locker. Any additional features will add to the price of your storage locker but are a great investment for the safety and protection of your belongings.

Security lockers can give you somewhere safe and secure to store your things. If you don’t have a large house but need somewhere to store excess furniture or belongings, then a storage locker is your best option. Make sure that you make your monthly payments and regularly show up to look after your locker because it’s not uncommon for storage locker companies to clear out and sell lockers that are unpaid for and neglected.