The maintenance of our jewelry is something that often goes unnoticed. However, it is necessary to be careful with these little treasures. If you don’t know how to take care of your jewelry, we’ll help you. We will teach you some of the best tips and tricks so that your jewelry is kept in optimal condition. Discover them!

Tricks to take care of your jewelry

  1. Avoid contact of your jewelry with cosmetics, shower water, sea or pool. A jewel in contact with perfume or cream loses its shine and darkens.
  2. Put on the perfume and wait a few minutes to put on the jewel.
  3. Put on your jewelry once you are dressed, and take it off before undressing. This way you will prevent them from getting caught on clothes and breaking, or even worse, getting lost.
  4. Avoid making sudden movements with your jewelry, hitting them on hard surfaces or that could scratch them.
  5. Save them individually. You can do it in airtight plastic bags, soft cloth bags, or cases. If you keep them in a jewelry box, remember that it is lined with fabric. Keep them neat and separate from each other. And if you usually keep them in a safe, to combat the humidity of these, use a moisture absorbent.
  6. Clean the jewelry with lukewarm water and neutral PH soap. Clean the gems with a soft brush. Finish by drying your jewelry with a chamois or cotton cloth.
  7. Be careful with temperature changes. Sudden changes can alter the color of the gems. Try that the place where you keep them has a stable temperature.
  8. Do not wear jewelry to the beach, while doing sports or if you are going to do strength work or repairs in the garden, for example. It is preferable not to use them in situations in which we can expose them to possible deterioration.
  9. Pearls and corals are especially delicate, therefore, you must take extreme care. In addition to avoiding contact with perfumes and other cosmetics, you should keep them away from heat sources, such as radiators and lights. Do not bring them near radioactive radiation or X-rays.
  10. Do not store pearls in hermetic plastic bags, as this can dry out the mother-of-pearl. Also, avoid cleaning pearls and corals with a brush, they scratch very easily. Use a very soft cloth moistened with deionized or mineral water.
  11. Like pearls and corals, diamonds scratch quite easily. Keep them from rubbing against other jewels and always keep them in their cases.
  12. The chains should always be closed and stored vertically, to avoid knots.
  13. To keep the watch looking like new, clean it with a dry chamois. Do not submerge it in water under any circumstances.
  14. In order for the silver to recover its shine, you can clean it with a specific product for it or with water and neutral soap. Although baking soda is a home remedy that gives it a lot of shine, it can scratch it.
  15. If you want to take care of your jewelery perfectly, go once a year to the professionals for a professional cleaning.

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