In 2022, online games like slots and blackjack can be played even from a smartphone while traveling by plane. This is a big step forward compared to going to a land-based alternative or watching game shows on TV. But maybe the step was too big?

A few years ago, live game shows became available to players, a mix of traditional game shows with the benefits of modern technology. The player can be an active participant in a show hosted live by a real person. The player wagers on his device and can apply tactics like in a traditional casino. Sounds like a very intriguing and promising combination. Let’s see what else such games can offer players.


A great thing that helps to keep a player interested is bonus rounds. Some live shows have additional mini-games with their own rules and usually with bigger winnings. For example, in Crazy Time which is a lucky wheel, there are three bonuses — Pachinko, Cash Hunt and Coin Flip. It all depends on which provider you choose when looking for the best paying online pokies Australia. So if you have the opportunity to watch a review of a live show, please do it.

They want to entertain you

The word “show” directly says that this game will entertain you. The gameplay is controlled by the host, which sets the rhythm and performs various actions, such as spinning the wheel. There may be one or two hosts, depending on the game show.

The host is constantly talking, so the player will not have the feeling that he is playing with the machine. It helps to stay interested longer. Let’s agree, no one wants to play boring games. And the host does everything to make the show not to feel that way.

Better odds

Compared to regular online wagering, participants in live shows have a better chance of winning. The main reason is a live broadcast. There are other people on the show besides you, and the provider has almost no chance to deceive you. Furthermore, some games have a crazy multiplier — Live Mega Ball can offer 10,00,000x your stake! Watch reviews and select the ones that offer the best conditions for you.

Live chat

Another unique thing about live game shows is live chats. This is a cool social element that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the process. As if you are in the same room with the host and other players. In live chats, players can share their impressions, get tips, and ask the host questions. This is something that is lacking in traditional online wagering.

A good example of using live chat is themed shows. If it is about soccer, the host can answer questions about this sport. This way, your session on the live show is not only a chance to win money, but also to learn something new.

A bit of nostalgia

In the gaming industry, nostalgia is a powerful tool for attracting players. New things are cool, but something we’ve known since childhood hits different. We are talking about such titles as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Monopoly, Keno, and others. Of course, these are not 100% copies of the games of the same name, but the mechanics are similar. So if you dreamed of winning your first million by answering questions, your time has come.

Free versions

A good tradition in the industry is to make free versions of games for beginners. In the case of live game shows, the free versions will not have a live element. However, you can still understand the mechanics of the game. This will add confidence when you are ready to make real wagers.

VR and AR

In 2022, any entertainment service is likely to have an element of VR/AR. Live casino gaming shows are no exception. This option is available from top providers for selected shows. If you have the necessary hardware, be sure to try this feature.

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Final thoughts

I think we have given enough reasons to try this relatively new type of entertainment. The developers take their creations seriously so that no one is disappointed. Streaming in HD — check, the use of VR technologies — check, high-quality CGI animation — here.

No need to worry about the entry threshold — it’s the same as most online wagering. The player has the opportunity to place low stakes. It is also possible to apply your favorite strategies — all the common things, but with a taste of the live show. Time to choose one for you and have fun — even from a smartphone while traveling by plane.

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