The idea may be contradictory, but there are several cases where it may be necessary to take out car insurance without having a valid driving license.

Obtain insurance on behalf of a minor

In most states, minors under the age of 18 are not allowed to purchase insurance. So if you have a teenager who wants to drive, it will need to be included in an adult ‘s car insurance policy .

And in these cases, even without having a driver’s license, you can choose to take out an insurance contract in your name and name it as the main driver on the policy.

Get insurance if you have a personal driver

If you don’t drive, but have a vehicle and hire a personal driver to drive you around, you won’t need a license, but you will need vehicle insurance.

Normally, car insurance premiums increase as you age, but if the insured is not listed as a driver on their policy, their age or health status become irrelevant to the risks calculated by the insurance company. . The amount of the premiums will then be based on the vehicle in question and the details of the driver that appears on the policy.

Vintage or collectible vehicle

If you are a car enthusiast, collector or owner of a valuable vintage car, it may be necessary to insure one or more vehicles, even though you will not actually be driving them. In this case, you would not need insurance components like collision coverage or personal injury protection, but you would still want to protect the vehicle(s) from the threat of total or partial loss. In most cases, these car insurance policies are offered by specialized insurers.

Obtaining car insurance without a license

The easiest and most common way to get a car insurance policy without a driver’s license is to list a licensed driver as your primary driver.
Any licensed driver can be named as the primary driver on your policy, whether or not they live with you, since, for an insurer, the fact that a licensed individual is listed as the primary driver while you are listed as an excluded driver , lowers your risk and therefore should save you high premiums.

In this way, the insurance company will base its premiums on the age, experience and driving history of the main driver, so it is recommended that it be someone with a good record.

In the case of needing an SR-22 to reinstate a suspended license, insurers may also be reluctant to take on the additional perceived risk, and it may take considerable effort around finding an insurer willing to take you on as a client at an affordable rate.

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