Trying out casino games for fun has long been something that people around the world have loved to do. As the gambling industry developed over time, this saw people flocking to land-based casinos in order to enjoy classics like roulette. However modern times have seen the casino sector undergo a digital transformation. Playing online casino games has started to overtake land-based play in many countries now and this sees iGaming platforms using the latest digital tech to attract players.

It is this constant innovation and development of new tech that has been key to online casino gaming challenging land-based play. A prime example of this is online live casino sites, which carry live casino games for people to enjoy. But what are live casino games? And can online live casino platforms compare to gaming at a real-life casino?

What are online live casino sites?

Many people are familiar with standard online casinos that carry a range of fun games to play. These games involve a computer dealer and do not 100% recreate the full atmosphere of playing in a real-life casino.

Online live casinos are different, they do everything a standard iGaming platform does¾but with the added bonus of human dealers hosting the games from a professional casino studio setting. This is a big plus for many players and has helped live casino games become well-loved. But can playing at these casinos actually compare to gaming at land-based sites?

Online live casinos can compare with the real deal

In many ways, you can make a good case for online live casinos comparing well to the real thing. These kinds of online casino sites, for example, have human dealers that you can interact with¾just as land-based casinos do. In addition, they do a great job of recreating the lively atmosphere of a real casino from your own home. The professional studio settings mentioned above help and give you a taste of playing from a proper casino¾rather than your sofa!

Online live casinos also carry a range of fun casino games to try out, in the same way as real-life casinos do. Of course, the importance of cybersecurity now means that live online casinos make just as much effort as land-based sites do to protect customers. When you also factor in that online live casinos are plenty of fun to spend time at (just as real-life casinos are), it is clear that they compare well.

It is also key to note that while live casinos online compare well to their land-based cousins, they also score better. The bonuses you can find at these kinds of Internet casinos, for example, will usually be better than those at land-based ones. They are also open 24/7 and have no dress codes or travel expenses to worry about.

Real-life casinos are hard to recreate 100% online

Although it is clear that online live casinos not only compare well with real-life ones but actually score better in some areas, it is true to say they may never totally replicate what land-based gaming palaces offer.

Much of this comes down to the fact that the real-life atmosphere of a land-based casino is almost impossible to recreate 100% online. As you are not physically wandering around a real casino online, the sensations and feelings this gives are very hard to copy for iGaming platforms.

You also have to factor in that you are not physically mixing with other players in real life at online casinos, as you would in land-based sites. This means that you do not have the same social experience, and this is another way that online live platforms do not compare fully to land-based sites.

Could online live casinos solve this in the future?

While the above is true for now, the constant advances in online technology might close the gap for online live casinos soon, in terms of player/social experience. We have already seen some VR online casinos emerge and you can easily see live casino platforms using this tech to offer a more immersive experience to iGamers.

In addition, there is also the much talked about Metaverse to think about. This blending of the real world with the online one could be just what online live casinos need to offer a much more social experience to players.

Online live casinos compare well to real-life ones

As the above shows, it does seem that online live casino sites do compare well to real-life casinos. While you do not get quite the same experience in both yet, online live platforms have closed the gap greatly over time. If these types of platforms can use the next advances in online gaming tech to offer an even more social, immersive experience, they may finally do everything a land-based casino can.

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