6 remote jobs that pay  an hour in the US

6 remote jobs that pay $30 an hour in the US

At a time when inflation in the United States continues to do its thing, well-paying jobs are becoming scarce. In GlobeLiveMedia we talk about some where they pay you $30 dollars per hour

The Covid-19 pandemic showed that people can be efficient if they work remotely, and that even now that we are in a post-pandemic stage, it is usually one of the benefits that people are now looking for the most when it comes to hiring. . More and more companies have chosen to allow their employees to work remotely and the salaries are not bad at all. At GlobeLiveMedia we want to tell you about six jobs that you can do remotely in the United States and where the hourly payment is around $30 dollars.

1.- Personal assistant

It is one of the jobs that in recent times has become virtual. It consists of performing various administrative tasks, doing others that interfere with the organization and the company’s agenda, to name a few tasks. According to an investigation by WeWork.com, salaries of up to $30 an hour are being offered.

2.- Customer Service Representative

It is one of the most requested jobs of recent times. It is generally much more accessible and gives more opportunities to people who are bilingual. It is a job in which no previous experience is required and constant training is also provided. You can work part time or full time. It is spending most of your time on the phone attending to customers with their various needs. Now, with new technologies, they also answer via chat, text messages and even make video calls.

3.- Data specialist

New technologies have made most things measurable and therefore measurement specialists have found their way into more and more jobs in different types of industries. Their time is spent collecting data in order to make measurements. It pays approximately $30 dollars per hour and can be done from home.

4.- Credit analyst

Your task is to maintain and collect overdue accounts. Among his tasks is also the development of customer service, sending account statements, notices and helping people to remit payments, to reconcile cash payments and to carry out different credit analyzes. You can get up to $30 dollars per hour.

5.- Human resources manager

It is dedicated to carrying out recruitment tasks, assigning profiles and vacancies, writing policies, job descriptions, researching and interviewing candidates, organizing evaluations, among others. It is a job that can now be done perfectly remotely.

6.- Counter

It is an activity that has always been possible to do remotely and that, in fact, is often carried out by an individual. His administrative duties include keeping daily accounts, keeping an eye on finances, and communicating with staff.