5 keys to clean less and better the house

5 keys to clean less and better the house

Follow these infallible cleaning tricks to say goodbye to fatigue and get good results.

Home cleaning is essential for our health, as it prevents many diseases. This is something well known to many, right?

However, which part of the house should be cleaned first? Believe it or not, it’s all a matter of getting organized and following a series of home tricks.

Therefore, do not hesitate to put them into practice as soon as you have learned them and enjoy a cleaner home when doing your chores.

How to clean up faster

1. Don’t do marathons

First of all, you can keep your home in perfect condition if you spend at least 5 minutes cleaning each day. Do not forget to make the bed, ventilate, clean the mirrors, accommodate the kitchen and place the cushions. With this tip, you will avoid marathons.

2. Clean instantly

One of the most frequent mistakes is to accumulate dirty things. Break this bad habit and when something gets dirty, quickly move it out of the way and wash it. This rule applies to any stay in the property.

3. Take care of the oven

Another tip is to disinfect the oven frequently, but sometimes it is tedious to clean this appliance. Faced with this, they advise placing a lining inside to only change the paper if food remains fall.

4. Do not neglect the sofa

The sofa is the piece of furniture that cannot be missing in the home because it offers endless benefits. To extend its useful life, it is advisable to put a cover on the upholstery. In fact, you should always have another spare, as it is very likely that it will end up getting dirty.

5. No shoes in the house

Meanwhile, walking with your shoes through the corners of the house does not facilitate cleaning, since it will dirty the home in a matter of seconds, even bringing with it the presence of viruses and bacteria. To save yourself trouble, simply remove your shoes at the main entrance.

Why use isopropyl alcohol to clean at home

Despite being a toxic isopropyl element, it is one of the most used products in household cleaning, especially when it comes to electronic objects. At MAG we leave you some details about its use.

Isopropyl alcohol is very effective when it comes to cleaning electronic screens, only with the help of a microfiber cloth or a lint-free cloth. It is also recommended to clean telephone networks, batteries and even the objective lenses of cameras.

Although isopropyl alcohol is used more for electronic elements, it is also effective for disinfecting tiles, mirrors and even metal.