One Punch-Man is a web comic belonging to the comedy genre and follows the story of a bald man named Saitama who can defeat any monster or villain in front of him with one punch. Because of this, his life has become boring, so he is always looking for more powerful rivals who can challenge him. One Punch-Man is made up of two seasons and Season 3 does not yet have a release date, although it could arrive in 2022.

Today One Punch-Man is one of the most popular series worldwide , mainly thanks to its manga and anime adaptations available on Netflix. The first television adaptation of the Japanese superhero web comic created by the artist ONE in 2009 , would arrive in 2015 to make Saitama’s name known. Despite this success, One Punch-Man Season 3 is being delayed, a fact that makes his fans nervous.

The second season of the successful series arrived during the year 2019, but it did not meet the expectations of the general public, who expected episodes as intense and crazy as the first season. However, the series did not lose popularity, fans are still waiting for a third one. But why isn’t there a third season of One Punch-Man yet ?

One Punch-Man season 3: leaks, rumors and more

After everything that happened with the second season of One Punch-Man that many considered “mediocre” in terms of animation, production and budget, fans are still waiting for a third season that will return the series to the place it was. it deserves.

There are many rumors about a third season of One Punch-Man in production, however, it has not technically been confirmed, so it is currently unknown when Saitama would return . However, all we know so far is that it will come, sooner or later.

Although for now the most that fans of the saga can expect is the confirmation of a third season , although this is very unlikely, given that several productions were delayed or postponed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic .

Curiosities about Saitama and company: What to expect?

What awaits Saitama and company will be a new challenge that they may not be able to overcome: The Monster Association . The monsters have allied themselves and become a threat to society at large, so the heroes must deal with them.

And if you thought that there would be no opponent capable of facing Saitama, you might be surprised when someone appears who you can’t defeat with a punch.

One Punch-Man will undoubtedly maintain its essence in the third season , so as a viewer you will again witness incredible battles that could push our favorite heroes to the limit. In addition to this, the series should maintain its comic touch, so the laughs are more than guaranteed.

How many chapters does the third season of One Punch-Man have?

Although the production of a third season of One Punch-Man has not been confirmed, we could expect the same number of chapters that the first and second seasons of the anime based on One’s web comic have received . If this is confirmed in the future, One Punch-Man season 3 will also have 12 chapters .

Recall that the first adaptation of the anime series was produced by the Japanese studio Madhouse and was broadcast between October and December 2015 , with 12 episodes where Saitama along with Genos had to face the monsters that threaten society .

And the second season for its part was broadcast on April 9, 2019 and the person in charge of its production was JC Staff, ending its broadcast on July 2 of the same year , and like the previous season it had a total of 12 episodes , which were mainly focused on the adventures of Saitama and the birth of a monster that could face him: Garou .

When does One Punch-Man season 3 come out?: possible release date and more

It is speculated that season 3 of One Punch-Man could arrive soon, probably in mid-2022 , although there is still a lack of a study that can be up to the work of Madhouse and its first season, because we remember that the second was animated by a different study (JCStaff) and if there was a third one, nobody would accept that they would be in charge of it again.

So the question would be, who will take over? A-1 Pictures (SAO, Your Lie in April, Nanatsu no Taizai) was once interested in the project as was MAPPA (Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuri!!! on Ice, Kakegurui), but currently neither has publicly shown interest or has announced the production of a new animated adaptation of the web comic , so there are still doubts.

However, One Punch-Man is so popular that we have no hesitation in saying that the third season could be closer than we could imagine.


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