Tyson Fury and Drew McIntyre

Tyson Fury and Drew McIntyre would spearhead the dream of bringing a major WWE event to the UK

There are things that never go out of style: the corduroy jacket, the shoulder pads or Drew McIntyre asking for a WWE PPV in Great Britain. The Scotsman has proposed it to him and he will surely succeed. At least WWE has already promised to study the proposed return of a great PPV to the British Isles .

Since their greatest success in the summer of 1992 when SummerSlam was held at the legendary Wembley Stadium in front of 80,355 fans, WWE has only returned with minor pay-per-view events or traditional seasonal tours.

But what is offered this time is different, faster, higher and stronger , like the very Olympic motto. What has been put on the table this time is the celebration of a great WWE event in Great Britain in which the stars of the poster are Drew McIntyre and the famous boxer Tyson Fury.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling , Drew McIntyre has once again confessed his desire to compete in the UK against “Gypsy King” Tyson Fury. Undoubtedly, by now we have all understood that it is the dream of the Glasgow fighter who does not miss the opportunity to remind everyone how important it would be to him after having spent his reign as WWE Champion within the ThunderDome in the midst of a pandemic:

“I have not stopped talking about the subject for 10 years, especially in the last year or year and a half when I became WWE Champion. I have been fortunate to do many press conferences with international media and in all of them I have had the opportunity to talk about the subject “; Ok, so far nothing new Drew. “The UK is a very important market for us and every time I get a chance I bring it up. They deserve a significant PPV because the fans are unique and they haven’t had it since 1992.Next year will be the 30th anniversary of that event and I hope it will be the year that WWE returns to Great Britain with a great event, for my part it will not stay and I will keep trying and I think I have lit the internet fuse Since I get voices that WWE is thinking about it. If it finally happens, I think Tyson Fury would be an ideal rival since there is no one better than him to attract more eyes to the WWE product. “

It seems that WWE would be considering the Principality Stadium in Cardiff as a possible venue although there is still a long way to go before the issue is realized and we should not rule out any of the large London stadiums including, of course, the remodeled Wembley Stadium.

Tyson Fury already has a past in WWE

Fury would not be new to the WWE product as he competed in 2019 at the company’s PPV in Saudi Arabia Crown Jewel facing and defeating the giant Braun Strowman. It is true that this fight was no more than an exhibition match but it served Fury to spend several weeks in the product and share television, history and ring with some of the greats of WWE.

After that fight, Tyson Fury appeared again in the SmackDown recordings that took place in Manchester on November 8, 2019 where he signed peace with Strowman, being that the last time we saw him on WWE television.

Now that he’s on the crest of the wave, that he has defeated Deontay Wilder and that it looks like he’s going to be out of the bocxing ring for a while, maybe it’s a good idea to refresh concepts and get back to doing business with WWE in a few months. It is a “Win or Win” that is called in the language of Shakespeare, everyone wins in this situation and as the convalescent Triple H would say: “It is a matter of finding the right moment and that it fits into the programming of both. they understand and they want to reach a good port, it is only a matter of time “.

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