Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns, impregnable: finish with Edge and Bryan at WrestleMania 37

The echoes of the first night of WrestleMania 37 still echoed when the second began. The exhibition of Bud Bunny or Bianca Belair gave way to that of Sheamus, the KO of Logan Paul or the triumph of Roman Reigns. The latter precisely took the stellar lawsuit against Edge and Daniel Bryan. It is difficult to choose the most exciting fight of the night. The one who closed it may be, what is clear is that it is impossible to summarize. Everything happened. Edge took it upon himself to get Jey Uso out of the way and punished his opponents. There were moments for the two applicants. They dominated with clarity, had accounts that almost converted and touched submission. The image was given that for a moment they applied a double submission to Reigns. The one who stayed the longest was Edge. He smashed Bryan with a chair and when he went for Reigns … Jey Uso came on the scene again. He punished him and Reigns finished him with a chair to double count and maintain the Universal Championship. The ‘Chief of the Tribe’ always overcomes everything, even with help. It has been impregnable for 225 days.

Part two of WrestleMania left great matches from the beginning. In fact, the most disturbing match was the one that opened the show. Bray ‘The Fiend’ Wyatt came out ‘transformed’. It was the same as before he was burned by Randy Orton. Same appearance, fights with red light … and was once again immune to pain. The Fiend recovered with great ease from all the blows that the ‘Viper’ connected him and he punished harshly. Wyatt had everything on his face. ‘Mandibular Claw’ and ‘Sister Abigail’ … and Alexa Bliss appeared in a disturbing way. The devil was distracted and Orton took advantage of it to put an end to the lawsuit with an RKO, although this is only a beginning.

Meanwhile, the most media fight had an influencer involved. Kevin Owens beat Sami Zayn in a tough and vibrant match. Logan Paul had been invited by the loser, but he went to pay his respects to the victor. That angered Zayn, whom the youtuber pushed and called a crybaby. Paul later wanted to give more hype to the KO triumph, but the Canadian does not marry anyone … and he applied a ‘Stunner’ that left him lying on the canvas. WrestleMania 37 was not for Paul. On the contrary, Bad Bunny impressed on the first night and during the second a world tour was announced for 2022.

As for the rest of the title fights, the triumph of Rhea Ripley stood out, who was proclaimed Raw women’s champion against Asuka. This victory confirms the step forward of the new generation. After Bianca Belair it was Rhea’s turn. The fight was spectacular. Asuka showed her great technical quality, but Ripley’s physique was key. He resisted everything that came to him and prevailed with genius. She was kneeling, she took off a blow and with her finisher she achieved her first WrestleMania moment. For its part, Sheamus achieved a spectacular triumph over Matt Riddle to proclaim himself champion of the United States. They are both talented and tough and they made it clear. They exchanged shrapnel with everything and the end of the fight sums up what the fight was. Riddle tried a mortal and when Sheamus fell he applied a kick in the mouth that left him KO.

Exciting was also being the duel that the Intercontinental Championship was at stake. Big E and Apollo Crews they had been heating up a lot of confrontation. In the fight it was worth everything and from the first moment they took out their most violent side. Once the fatigue appeared, that was when everything changed. Big E made Apollo eat a table, he had everything on his face … but Suddenly, a mysterious giant appeared that finished him off and gave the aspirant victory. By last, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax retained their belts in pairs against Natalya and Tamina. The exhibition of the latter was brutal. He had Jax defeated several times, but when he gave the relief to his partner there was a mistake that cost them defeat. Natalya didn’t see that Baszler took over. Meanwhile, she almost subdues Jax, but Shayna appeared from her back and with a sledgehammer she put her to sleep.

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