Former WWE manager Jim Cornette recently expressed his thoughts on Johnny Gargano’s return to the company.

Gargano returned during the final hour of last Monday’s episode of RAW from the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada. The former NXT champion left the company in December of last year after his contract ran out. Upon his return, he participated in a segment with Theory and gave the 25-year-old a super kick.

During an episode of your cornette self-service, the legendary manager spoke about Gargano’s return to the company. Cornette stated that Johnny Wrestling’s return to the promotion is the opposite of a game changer.

“Obviously, this is the furthest thing from a game changer in any wrestling war that Johnny Gargano … has ever returned to entertain us with his generic build, diminutive body, pale complexion, undemonstrative face, and overall goofy demeanor . .» [00:45-01:13]

Cornette added that Theory should focus on more important things since he won the Money in the Bank contract and shouldn’t be on a show with Gargano.

“Theory needs to be in the mix with the best to not only learn the style of working from the best there, but also to be raised in the eyes of the people, the eyes of the fans. As he is a top level guy to mingle with top talent. Instead here is this guy who just came back after his glorious NXT run for a year and after his wife just had a baby.” [04:42 – 05:08]

Booker T on Johnny Gargano’s return to WWE

The WWE Hall of Famer had a different perspective on Johnny’s return on a recent episode of Hall of Fame podcast.

Booker T said Gargano’s promotion had a “certain feel” to it and praised the 35-year-old for returning to the company to pursue his dreams. The former world champion stated that a lot of people are still pursuing that dream and could connect with promoting him on RAW.

It will be interesting to see if Johnny Gargano can become WWE Champion with Triple H as Chief Creative Officer.

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