Young widow accused of murdering her husband, the ‘Don Juan’ of Japan, is arrested by the police

Young widow accused of murdering her husband, the ‘Don Juan’ of Japan, is arrested by the police

The young widow of an elderly real estate mogul from Japan was arrested this Wednesday, suspected of having murdered the self-proclaimed “Don Juan”, A few months after their wedding. The information was released by local media citing the police.

Kosuke Nozaki, who in his autobiography boasted of having spent millions of dollars on young and beautiful women, died in 2018 at the age of 77 from acute poisoning.

His widow Saki Sudo, 25, allegedly murdered Nozaki by forcing him to ingest a large amount of an unspecified stimulant. Some reports mention that he had mixed it with some drink, since no needle marks were found on his body.

Contacted by AFP, the local police refused to confirm the arrest of the young woman.

Nozaki, who ran real estate businesses, a liquor company and a loan company, claimed in his best-selling autobiography that he had spent 3 billion yen ($ 27.5 million) courting about 4,000 women.

The reason I make money is by dating attractive women”Read a passage from his book, published in 2016, whose title is “Don Juan de Kishu”, Referring to the region of Japan in which he lived.

I’m not interested in cars and I’m not interested in houses. Instead, I have a boundless desire to have sex with beautiful women.”, He confessed in the book, which also included chapters on how to seduce university students and flight attendants on airplanes.

Nozaki He made his fortune from scratch, selling everything from old scraps of metal to condoms and spirits, according to his book’s publisher’s website.

Supposedly, Sudo she searched online for drug information before her husband’s death, according to the press.

In a column that Nozaki wrote for the web Gendai Business, in 2018, a few months before his death, he said he was “sure to be happy“Having married Sudo, even though he had been warned that she was probably with him for his money.

He indicated that they met at Haneda airport, in Such, where he purposely stumbled so that Sudo, who said he was a model, will help him.

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