Yaku Pérez: “The fraud was done to all the people of Ecuador”

Yaku Pérez: “The fraud was done to all the people of Ecuador”

Yaku Pérez, presidential candidate of the Pachakutik movement in Ecuador, insists that there has been fraud. There are hours until the National Electoral Council presents the official results of the first round of the presidential election.

“The fraud was not done to Yaku Pérez, it was done to all the people of Ecuador,” he said. the candidate in an interview with Fernando del Rincón.

The context

In Ecuador, the agreement between the candidates to go to the second round of the presidential election did not work.

While Guillermo Lasso and Yaku Pérez crossed reproaches and sent contradictory requests to the electoral authority, the National Electoral Council decided that there would be no counting of votes.

The body has already scrutinized 100% of the minutes and as President Diana Atamaint announced in Conclusions, the official results are expected this Saturday or Sunday.

This Thursday Atamaint again recalled that candidates who are not satisfied can file administrative actions or before the Electoral Contentious Court.

According to the preliminary results, Guillermo Lasso, from the Creo Alliance, would be the candidate who would go to the second round with Andrés Arauz, Rafael Correa’s dolphin.

Yaku Pérez, of the Pachakutik movement, would have fallen very few votes behind Lasso, and continues to say that there was fraud.

His supporters joined an indigenous march that heads to Quito to demand that the polls be opened for a recount.

With information from Fernando del Rincón