Without much emotion, CAI and Tauro drew 0-0

Without much emotion, CAI and Tauro drew 0-0

Nothing for anyone! CAI and Tauro are tied without goals at the Estadio Agustín Muquita Sánchez stadium, on date 10 of the Panama – Apertura 2023 tournament.

The best man of the match was Eddie Roberts. The CAI keeper shone.

Eric Hughes also stood out at the Estadio Agustín Muquita Sánchez stadium. The Taurus keeper shone.

The match had several warned: Luis Torres, Rudy Yearwood, Gustavo Chara and Rafael Aguila.

CAI manager Franklin Narvaez offered a 4-4-2 formation with Eddie Roberts in goal; Jean Montenegro, Sergio Ramírez, Orman Davis and Luis Torres on the defensive line; Rafael Aguila, Luis Fields, Héctor Hurtado and Marlon Ávila in the middle; and Anthony Stewart and Ángel Valverde in attack.

For their part, Francisco Perlo’s team entered the field with a 4-3-3 pattern with Eric Hughes under the three sticks; Omar Córdoba, Gustavo Chara, Jan Vargas and Francisco Vence in defence; Moisés Velíz, Rudy Yearwood and Axel McKenzie in midfield; and Carlos Navas, Breidy Golúz and Carlos Hernández in front.

On the following date, CAI will face Plaza Amador at home, while Tauro will play at home against UMECIT FC.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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