With “the story of the uncle”, they robbed two old women of a figure of one million dollars and will return only $48,000 in installments

With “the story of the uncle”, they robbed two old women of a figure of one million dollars and will return only $48,000 in installments

The crooks were arrested in Misiones. (Photos: ElOnce)

Two fraudsters burglarized in January in two municipalities in the province of Between rivers a millionaire figure under the modality of “uncle’s tale”. Now they’ve agreed in an abridged trial to return just $48,000, but in installments. This number does not even cover half of the amount originally stolen.

The thieves stole around 12 million pesos and $247,000 after defrauding two elderly women. The first robbery took place on January 13 in Parana when the defendants Iván Pablo Benítez, a native of Tasks and Miguel Abraham, from Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA), they called an elderly woman and posed as a relative, providing information that made her believe the story.

The criminals persuaded the woman to hand over all the money she had to an alleged director of National Bank to be replaced by “tickets that serve”. Thus, they managed to get 7 thousand dollars and 1 million 200 thousand pesos.

Ten days later, the victim was an 86-year-old woman who lives in the commune of Crespo. They used the same modality, but, in this case, they told him that it was a decision of the national government and they stole 240 thousand dollars and 10 million pesos, according to information from telam. This methodology is commonly referred to as “Uncle’s Tale”.

Elderly women made the corresponding complaint, so the Justice and the Police of Entre Rios They launched an investigation until they managed to identify the vehicle the crooks were traveling with. It was a Peugeot 308 that with the help of security cameras they learned that he had left Entre Ríos in the last days of January and had entered Misiones.

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Thus, a week after the second robbery, the police arrested Benítez and Abraham in the missionary territory, from where they were transferred to the Paraná Penal Unit 1.

During the operation, it was possible to kidnap 6,600 dollars and 1,700,000 pesos, as well as cell phones; jewelry; the vehicle used in the crimes; a Toyota van, allegedly acquired illegally; and other items that were used to perform the scamsthey are therefore considered interesting for the cause, according to information from the local portal The eleven.

Some of the money seized during the raid
Some of the money seized during the raid

After their arrest, their lawyer, Leopoldo Cappa, managed to ensure that from mid-February they both benefit from the house arrest with a permanent guard the cost of which was borne by the men. In this way, they paid 1 million 200 thousand salaries to the two guards in charge of monitoring them.

Now, after an abridged trial, the parties have agreed that the fraudsters will return $48,000, a figure they will top up in installments. Benítez and Abraham will deliver 15,000 dollars in a first occasion and, later, they will have to pay three installments of 11,000 dollars each.

In addition, the defender of the fraudsters and the prosecutor who led the case, Sofía Patat, agreed that both would be sentenced to three years in prison. suspended prison sentence and that they were expelled from the province of Entre Ríos. In this sense, with this decision, they will not be able to enter “without notice in the event of an emergency during the three years that the reprieve lasts”, as explained by the lawyer of Channel once. Benítez and Abraham will also have to respect 96 hours of community work during the first year of sentence.

The agreements reached in the abridged trial went into effect on Friday when Paraná safeguards judge José Eduardo Ruhl accompanied the agreed points and ordered the detainees to go home. While one will return to the province of Misiones, another will return to the surroundings of little horseCAB.

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