The cold arrived weeks ago but – although few believe it – winter has not yet. However, that is about to change this week with the arrival of the 2022 Winter Solstice.

In this way, we will bid farewell to autumn, giving way to the coldest time of the year, which by the way comes with light and moderate rains, as forecast by Michelle Adams in Meganoticias .

What day and what time is the Winter Solstice 2022?

The Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service indicated that the Winter Solstice 2022 will take place in Chile this Tuesday, June 21. The exact time is at 05:14 hours.

“The Sun reaches the highest latitude in the Northern Hemisphere, also called ‘Maximum Northern Declination’ in astronomical and navigational terms, which coincides with the so-called Tropic of Cancer, located at parallel 23° 27′ North,” the service indicated.

For its part, the International Day website indicated that “countries such as Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, and some areas of Brazil and Ecuador celebrate the arrival of winter in June.”

“The term Solstice is derived from the Latin  “solstitium”  which means  “the sun stands still” . The solstices occur because the Earth revolves around the sun, tilted about 23.5 degrees on its axis,” he added.

This indicates that this same June 21 will be the day with the shortest duration of sunlight. This phenomenon is known as the shortest day.

For example , in Punta Arenas, the day will only have 7 hours with 32 minutes of natural light .

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