Williams: “It’s the goal of my career”

Williams: “It’s the goal of my career”

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Williams scored a goal for history and has it in his head, he will not get out of there for a long time. A guy as outgoing as he has regretted not being able to unleash the euphoria with everyone. “The reception has been incredible, for the little that can be done is being spectacular. To this day, I am not aware of what we have achieved, over time it will be given more value”, began the author of 2-3 in the extension. “They have been complicated months and this is a boost of energy that is going to be great for all of us. Emotionally this goal will be great for me, since I was little I have dreamed of fighting with Athletic for a title and scoring the winning goal. Hopefully on April 4 we can bring another drink and celebrate it as it deserves “. The forward confessed that he has seen the goal repeated many times “it is the best of my career”, but warns that bringing the Super Cup “does not mean that we have done everything, we have to continue and we will surely reap the benefits.”

Balenziaga he is another of the seven members of the current squad who won the Super Cup in 2009 (along with De Marcos, Lekue, Ibai, Muniain, Williams and Herrerín). “The conviction for not giving up has led us to this new title,” explained the left-back, who replaced the injured Yuri and played an impeccable tournament at La Cartuja. “We are very happy to see the joy of the people.” AND Raul Garcia He already knew what it means to lift trophies (he has two European Super Cups and one in Spain), but he was especially excited to repeat that image with a club other than Atlético. “You know me, you know that I always want more. Despite the titles, being able to get others with a new club was a goal. In these years that I have been here it was what we lacked, it has been a moment of great joy.” His winning character was basic against Madrid, with an anthological double, but he does not hide that when he arrived “I saw myself in a champion team, a few days before he got this tournament”, and he wanted to participate in all that, “I do not value what individual, the goal is a hobby behind us. We have already achieved one and now we have to continue in that line. ”

Rulo was especially moved by a talk with Aduriz, now retired and who came to encourage the team. They talked about things in life and the incredible coincidence in age, in years and even days, when Aritz scored the goals against Barça for the 2009 Super Cup and what has happened with the Navarrese now. “I have really enjoyed seeing the youngsters how they enjoy it. The important thing is that they learn that this is continuous work and it can be achieved.” Marcelino’s miracle has surprised many but when the player trained in Osasuna is asked about it, he asks: “They don’t watch much football or don’t know what happens, those who say that such a transformation is impossible, they are things that cannot be explained. There is work with a few days but we always strive to achieve this. we are not satisfied, the margin is wide, the line we have already seen what it is and what it can give us “.

De Marcos, one of the scorers in the final, spoke from the heart: “The image of Villalibre playing the trumpet represents what we are: a group of friends who have achieved something unique; it is what happens when you represent this philosophy. complicated moment everyone needed a joy. We are fortunate for the work that we have but we do not live isolated from the world, when you achieve something like that it tastes much better. The way of achieving it and to whom it has been has a special value. ” Regarding the renewal, which should come due to his current performance, he understands that “little by little we are going to see how I am feeling, that it be the best for Athletic

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