The flyer referenced his present at the MLS club and the arrival of ‘Aladdin’ at La Victoria. (Video: Regional Sports Network)

Wilder Cartagena is facing his second season in MLS with the City of Orlando. And although the previous season he was on the substitute bench in most games, in 2023 he begins to be considered by coach Óscar Pareja. In fact, he started the game against Cincinnati which ended in a goalless draw. In this sense, the midfielder referred to his performance in said encounter, where he was one of the most outstanding.

“I really wanted to start the game. I think I knew how to seize the opportunity. We must continue. The team just had an important match on Tuesday (against the Tigers for Concachampions) and around that the ‘teacher’ made some changes. It is always important to complete 90 minuteswere his first words to Regional sports network.

Similarly, he revealed what his coach told him when the referee showed him the yellow card. “Be careful with yellow, but I’m a player who knows how to play with it and I knew how to control myself. The same with César (Araújo) when he came on we were able to share the pitch more and I had a little more These are game circumstances and you have to know how to manage them,” he said.

Wilder Cartagena played the entire game between Orlando City and Cincinnati.  (city of Orlando)
Wilder Cartagena played the entire game between Orlando City and Cincinnati. (city of Orlando)

‘Map’ He was also asked who he felt most comfortable with in midfield, having Araújo himself and Mauricio Pereyra as teammates. “It’s the same for me, I feel comfortable with both. I think we are working very well and improving in everything. Both systems are good for us,” he said.

The Alianza Lima youth team said that the City of Orlando aim high MLS, highlighting two of his colleagues like the Argentinian Gastón González and the Icelandic Dagur Dan Thorahllsson. “I’m fine. We are preparing as well as possible for the long season we have. There are many games and tournaments. Gastón (González) was coming out of a serious injury and will help him in terms of confidence for the following duels Dagur too, he adapts very well to the team and he is good,” he commented.

This beginning of the championship in two contested parts (100 minutes completed) invites you to Wilder Cartagena continue to fight to consolidate for a place in the starting XI of the City of Orlando. In this line, he admitted his maximum wish at the individual level. “I think I still have to improve, there is always something. Today (Saturday) I was very confident and tried to play the game in the best way. Thank God I was able to do it, but I know I have things to improve. This season I want a more dynamic Cartagena and I’m working hard on it,” he said.

In the last game against Cincinnati, the Peruvian midfielder had good movement and was always a passing option for his teammates. He even managed to get out playing against the pressure of the rival and made a ‘huacha’, although the ball was long to him and he committed a foul, which earned him a reprimand. Anyway, he offered an improved version for 2022.

The Peruvian keeper was the best player in the game and made some great saves. Wilder Caragena also played. (Video: Peruvian Score)

There Peruvian team It’s a topic that Cartagena have also spoken about and have acknowledged that they hope to be called up by Juan Reynoso for the friendlies against Germany and Morocco in Europe. “For the national team, I’m still good. We have two very nice friendlies where we all want to be,” he said.

Finally, the upcoming arrival of Christian Cueva A Lima Covenant thrilled the 28-year-old footballer. For this reason, he hopes to be able to be fit as soon as possible, not only to wear the jersey ‘Blue and white’but also to integrate ‘bicolor’, given the extent for which it is passed. “‘Cholito’ is going to help the club a lot. He’s a great player, we all know what he can give and we hope he gets back into shape quickly so he can make his debut with Alianza and be in form for the matches that come to us in the national team”, he specified.

Christian Cueva will play for Alianza Lima again after doing so in 2014. (Club Alianza Lima)
Christian Cueva will play for Alianza Lima again after doing so in 2014. (Club Alianza Lima)

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