Why the Semar helicopter collapsed in Sinaloa: this is known about the accident

Why the Semar helicopter collapsed in Sinaloa: this is known about the accident

Even months left to know the true causes that led to the crash of a helicopter of the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico (Semar) in Sinaloa but the hypotheses have begun to circulate, since this accident left 14 officers dead and a seriously injured officer.

Sources with knowledge of the case who were consulted by Infobae Mexico they accepted that the lack of fuel is only one among many possibilitiesbut everything will be clarified with the conclusions of the technical investigation committee designated for that purpose.

According to these reports, a minimum period of two months is established to have solid elements. But that period is open to the analysis of specialists from the Semar. It may be before, in 30 days, however, the signs that lead to the more concrete possibilities.

The naval unit has not issued further reports on the case that occurred on July 15, after the type unit Black Hawk fell near the air port of the Mochis, Sinaloa. Previously, the aircraft had participated in the operation of Choice where members of the Special Operations Unit (UNOPES) recaptured Rafael Caro Quintero, the drug dealer.

According to the reports consigned by this means, the causes vary, since it is presumed that the helicopter was not shot down by assassins to seek retaliation for the arrest in the golden triangle of Sinaloa Cartel. The shovel may have failed or the crew made a mistake, but everything is uncertain.

Until last weekend, the processes continued with a tent installed in the sorghum crop fieldon a threshed plot of Las Mañanitas property just 10 kilometers south of the Mochisnear the road Los Mochis-Topolobampo.

While the bodies of the 14 sailors were transferred to Mexico City, after having performed a necropsy at a private funeral home. Already in the capital of the country, the Semar made a tribute led by the head of the agency, Admiral Jose Rafael Ojeda Duran.


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