A new group in favor of immigrants seeks that one million carriers of ‘green card’ achieve citizenship; the initiative is promoted by former congressman Luis Gutiérrez.

Former Democratic congressman Luis Gutiérrez announced this week the creation of the pro-immigrant group Our Nation’s Future , which initially seeks to promote citizenship for at least one million immigrants in the United States.

Gutiérrez, congressman for 26 years (1993-2019) for the state of Illinois, told the press that there are currently more than 9.2 million immigrants with “green cards” who can become citizens in the country.

The Democrat, who pushed pro-immigrant policies in Congress, said Our Nation’s Future seeks to modernize the immigration system to help grow the nation’s economy, innovation and global competitive advantage.

“Our economic success depends on an immigration system as trustworthy as immigrants are,” Gutiérrez stressed.

“Over the next four years, our goal is to help one million green card holders become citizens of the United States of America,” he added. Accompanied by Democratic Senator Dick Durbin , Gutiérrez unveiled the initiative in the city of Chicago.

“In the United States, the overwhelmingly growing population is Hispanic, and even a conservative Republican can count. And if he can tell what he knows is that in future elections, his fate may be decided by those same Hispanic Americans,” Senator Durbin said.

“So I think a lot of them are coming to the belief that they don’t want to be seen as enemies, they want to be seen as allies and they’re stepping up to join us in this effort,” he added.

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