What is the institution that expanded its labor license regime as indicated in the bill of the Executive

What is the institution that expanded its labor license regime as indicated in the bill of the Executive

After the Executive Branch sent a bill to the National Congress to modify the family licenses of employees registered in Argentina, Banco Nación expanded the licenses for co-responsibility of care that it offers its employees, and also modified the disability benefits , gender violence and sexual rights.

The president of Banco Nación, Eduardo Hecker, led a meeting on Monday with representatives of the Banking Association and members of the BNA board, during which the relaxation of licenses for Co-responsibility of Care, Disability, Gender Violence and Sexual Rights was made official .

The meeting was held at the headquarters of Banco Nación, in Plaza de Mayo, and was attended by the directors Cecilia Fernández Bugna, Julia Strada; the directors Claudio Lozano, Guillermo Wierzba, Raúl Garré, Martín Ferré; General Manager María Barros; the First General Business Manager, Gastón Álvarez, and the Departmental Manager of Gender, Diversity and Human Rights, Julia Pérego.

The licenses that have to do with gender change, violence and disability were expanded

Among the extensions of rights and benefits that were applied in the BNA, it was arranged:

  • Extend from 10 to 20 days the license for the birth of a child ;
  • Extend parenting leave for 90 days without pay after childbirth leave;
  • Extend the maternity leave for 10 days with salary;
  • Increase the leave for immediate family care from 10 to 20 business days;
  • Extend paid adoption leave from 60 to 90 days;
  • Incorporate a license of up to 15 days to carry out adoption procedures ;
  • Give a one-day license for the granting or renewal of the Single Certificate of Disability (CUD);
  • Extend from 10 to 20 business days the Law 26,485 leave for people affected by situations of gender violence ;
  • Increase from 15 to 30 working days the special license for assisted fertility treatment;
  • Incorporate a license for access to the legal interruption of pregnancy, for 5 days for outpatient procedures and up to 20 if the procedure
  • required hospitalization and/or surgical intervention;
  • Add a Law 26,743 license for body adaptation procedures according to gender identity for up to five business days.

Family licenses at Banco Nación

The act of extension of rights of employees of Banco Nación

Cecilia Fernández Bugna argued that “it is a licensing system that ratifies and materializes the BNA’s commitment to equity policies and human rights. Licenses for non-pregnant people, for voluntary interruption of a pregnancy, for fertility treatments, due to situations of gender-based violence, among others, are rights whose full exercise the BNA, as a public and federal bank, seeks to guarantee by generating the necessary institutional conditions for it to be so”.

Meanwhile, Julia Strada praised the fact that the BNA “is the first institution that makes an effective application and expansion of the bill presented by the Executive Branch .”

For her part, María Barros interpreted that the BNA’s decision represents “a step forward to continue fulfilling the social function that the Bank has. It is one more advance based on the recognition of the work that our colleagues and colleagues do,” she said.

Then, Julia Pérego valued the extension of licenses as a tool that ” promotes the accompaniment of non-pregnant people in care tasks. More and more colleagues seek to be present in care tasks in the first days of their sons and daughters” , he added.

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