Jaden Hossler, better known as JXDNis a 22-year-old who has been making a splash within the pop punk scene since his debut in 2020. It’s no coincidence that Blink-182 drummer Travis Barkerwill take him as his “protégé” to boost his career and make him one of the pioneers of the new sound that is all the rage today thanks to Machine Gun Kelly y Mod Sun.

Despite his young age, Hossler has managed to gain a large audience with honest lyrics that speak candidly about the issues he has faced over the years as a a strong depression that almost ended his life to the musician.

Luckily, Jaden found a way to save himself through music, to the point that he signed to Barker’s record label. He begins a tour across the American continent, which brings him to the last edition of the festival. Crown Capital from Mexico City in November 2022. As expected, JXDN’s debut in the Mexican capital was one of the most explosive performances of the festival, so before the end of the year, a solo presentation of the Texas musician at CDMX was announced to take advantage of his fast rise to success. .

After its successful presentation at Corona Capital 2022, JXDN would perform in the west pavilion of the Palacio de los Deportes.
After its successful presentation at Corona Capital 2022, JXDN would perform in the west pavilion of the Palacio de los Deportes.

The concert was agreed for April 21, 2023 and he would stand West Paviliona small enclosure located next to the Sports Palace who, despite not having the popularity of his “older brother”, received acts of international stature such as Rage Against the Machine, Placebo and Future Islands.

However, just over a month after the show, OCESA announced via their social networks the cancellation of the JXDN show. In the press release, the promoter of the concert in Mexico assured that this was due to “Force Majeure Causes Independent of Artist, Venue and OCESA”without giving further details on this decision.

Of course, network users and fans started to speculate about the reasons for the cancellation and the most widely shared theory is that the show did not sell enough tickets to make it profitablethe organizers have therefore chosen to cancel it and thus avoid losing money.

OCESA advised that JXDN will not appear in CDMX due to "causes beyond the control of the artist, venue and promoter".
OCESA reported that JXDN will not be performing at CDMX due to “causes unrelated to the artist, venue and promoter.”

Until, JXDN did not provide any explanation to their fans about the canceled show, but it is likely that in the rest of the day he will share his side of the story. As for the tickets (which cost around $850.00), can now be refunded at the Ticketmaster center where they were purchased, or follow the instructions on www.ticketmaster.com if purchased online.

JXDN released their first full album under the title Tell me about tomorrow. The Scrapbook It was released in July 2021 and featured a collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly and Iann Dior, along with Travis Barker at the helm. Disk is an absolute benchmark of the sound that now defines itself as New Gen Rock, and in an interview for the Ticketmaster blog, JXDN spoke in more depth about this new aspect of rock that has become a worldwide phenomenon.

“New Gen Rock is what it is. The plane is wide and variable in shape. It takes noticeable structure with a fresh perspective to create this sound. Travis (Barker) and I have come a long way together to find the right way to put it.”

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