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Will it rain, will it be sunny or will it be cold this Monday?, here it is weather forecast for the following hours in Huancayo.

the probability of rain for this Monday in Huancayo it is 9% during the day and 6% all night.

During this time, cloudiness will be 100% during the day and 93% at night.

As for temperature A high of 15 degrees and a low of 4 degrees are expected in this region. UV rays should reach a level of up to 4.

While the gusts of wind will reach 18 kilometers per hour during the day and 15 kilometers per hour at night.

(Huancayo Municipality)
(Huancayo Municipality)

Huancayo is part of the department of Junín, where there are 17 kinds of weatherwith a weather condition of prevailing rain and coldas good as lack of moisture in autumn and winter.

In the province of Huancayofor their part, there is three types of weather conditionswhere the coat and the umbrella are generally indispensable.

The most abundant weather state is the cold and rainy, with dry autumns and winterswho feels good in the city of Huancayo.

Then the time is temperate, which is characterized in this region by abundant humidity during all seasons of the year.

The last state of time present in said Peruvian province is the semi-dry and cold, with dry autumns and winters.

The mountains, jungle and coast influence the type of climate in Peru (Picture: File)
The mountains, jungle and coast influence the type of climate in Peru (Picture: File)

Peru and its 38 climates

In Peru, up to 38 types of weather are feltaccording to the National Meteorology and Hydrology Service (Senamhi), this is due to the interaction between different climatic and geographical factors.

These main factors, details the Senamhi, are its geographical position under the Tropic of Capricorn and the proximity of the Andes mountain range.

Among the 38 climates, Senamhi highlights three main which are defined according to the area of ​​the country in which they are located.

On the coast of the South American country, which meets the Pacific Ocean and covers barely 11.6% of the national territory, the weather prevailing there is arid and temperatebeing its main climatic characteristic the rarity of the rains.

In the sawthe area close to the Andes and which occupies 28.1% of Peruvian territory, the climate is rainy and cold mostly.

While in the junglewhere the tropical climate of Peru is most filled, occupying 60.3% of its surface, the weather is defined as very rainy and hot.

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