Next Saturday March 18 and Sunday March 19 the 23rd edition of lives latin and, among some of the artists present, will be rapper Javier Ibarra Ramos, better known as Kase.O.

Considering this, the artist spoke in a press conference about his music and what he hopes to project to the Mexican participants who will enjoy his show at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez.

“It’s a joy to go to a festival, Stick to six hours and see the best of every genreIt’s an effort by the programmers to have a varied program (…) every day young people listen to reggaeton, then Kase. Or (…) they have it much easier than in my time”, he commented.

The artist who has great successes like Gentlemen at brunch, handing out art oh Basureta He promised his fans that they will be able to listen to some of his most anticipated and popular songs.


“Eso solo la crema, en festivales no tengo tanto tiempo para poner canciones más desconocidas, en festivales es poner canciones que sé que van a funcionar sí o sí (…) Tengo los ensayos a principios de marzo, puedo cambiar algo, pero to me It makes me angry when I go see a band and they sing me the ones they don’t have to sing to me, I owe myself to the people and even more so in a 40 or 45 minute concert, I don’t see that as a way of experimenting, ”he said.

Kase.O delved into the importance music has in his life and was grateful to be able to touch the people who listen to him with his art.

“I believe that the music I make is the fruit of my love for the music of language (…) I use it as a torch for me because since we are talking about feelings, many people feel identified. Also a sword because people who do not like violence on the one hand there is a language and words to express themselves “externally.

Los Mirlos will be part of Vive Latino 2023. (Facebook)
Los Mirlos will be part of Vive Latino 2023. (Facebook)

The man from Zaragoza shared that before his concert in this edition of Vive Latino, he hopes to perform a ritual that his group has.

“Palo saint light, listen to Gregorian chants and a lot of peace before going to war, then the classic caucus we have with the musicians. It’s a moment of unity that we have the five, the six, of the band singing a song that we have. You put yourself in concert mode and show off, ”he added.

Likewise, Kase.O expressed that he was excited to perform in front of the Mexican audience and hoped the response from his fans would be just as warm as other times.

“I hope to consecrate myself as a super loved artist in Mexico, I hope to gain an audience, let it be by word of mouth, to make it my fan. I hope it will be an incredible bolon, they have me put in a very good time (…) this year they put me in one of the best hours I hope to do my best, because I am very interested in being known in Mexico, because it is a demanding audience, a cultured audience and I hope people have a good time,” he said, adding:

“I have to do my job well so that it is unforgettable and that they see me again.”

The acclaimed festival celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2023 and, as in previous years, promises to please attendees with a curated selection of performers.

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