“Liaison” is a new spy series on Apple TV starring Vincent Cassel. We spoke with the French actor about this role and more details on his film career.

“If I’m being completely honest, I never look back,” actor Vincent Cassel confessed when asked how he sees his artistic career at 56. Regarding the beginnings of Connection On Apple TV+, we chatted with him about his starring role in this spy thriller, the languages ​​that make him polyglot, and the romantic dynamic he shared with Eva Green in front of the cameras.

The star we remember Irreversible there the black swan He assured that he was very busy thinking about his present and how everything has gone for him so far. “Work is work, I love it and I still really enjoy playing after all these years,” he said. “But let’s say it became an interest between the action and the court. Everything before and after is work. There’s a saying in English that goes, ‘the performance is free, I get paid to wait’”.

Vincent Cassel in the first of the new series of Apple TV+ in France.  (Marc Piasecki/Apple TV+)
Vincent Cassel in the first of the new series of Apple TV+ in France. (Marc Piasecki/Apple TV+)

In this new spy series, Cassel plays Gabriel, a man with long undercover experience who agrees to transport two young men from Syria accused of terrorism to France. His mission will experience setbacks from the start, and each misstep will lead him to become involved in an international conspiracy. In addition, he will meet Alison (Green), a love from the past who is now part of the security division of the British government.

“The action is really just a detail. Once you’ve done one, two, three, four action films, it becomes almost technical. What’s interesting is what you can express through it,” he argues, referring to the moments of battle and persecution over which the plot of Connection maintain a rhythm consistent with the incessant succession of events.

"Connection" is a spy thriller and political intrigue that was filmed in European countries.  (AppleTV+)
“Liaison” is a spy thriller and a political intrigue that was filmed in countries in Europe. (AppleTV+)

For Vincent Cassel, the idea was to make these scenes real and he revealed that he was creatively influential in achieving this effect: “I decided to choreograph my own action scenes to make them cleaner, shorter, more efficient and perhaps not visually, but to give the audience a sense of efficiency and discretion.

An impossible and passionate love in “Liaison”

Despite having a large-scale spy plot and being filmed in different cities in Europe (mainly London), the common thread of Connection is the romantic bond between Gabriel and Alison. The two have met in the past, and although many years have passed, the passion rekindles when they cross paths again.

Eva Green also joins the main cast as Alison.  (AppleTV+)
Eva Green also joins the main cast as Alison. (AppleTV+)

“I think that’s what holds the show together. This kind of sick tangle where they dance together, because they can’t communicate and they’re crazy about each other, but there’s a lot of things from the past that’s holding them back and pushing them to really enjoy their love. The rest is more like the background when you think about it, the most important thing in the arc of all is the love story. This almost impossible love affair between the two of them,” explained the actor.

The original Apple TV+ production also joined the group of series and films designed with a global perspective. Vincent Cassel is of French origin, so that’s the language in which I recorded most of his roles for television and cinema; however, he also speaks four others with great fluency. “I speak French, English, Portuguese, my Italian is a little rusty, but I speak it and I understand everything,” he says. “And because I speak three Latin languages, I can also speak Spanish whenever I want, but I understand everything in Spanish.”

the season of "Connection" It will consist of six episodes in total.  (AppleTV+)
The season of “Liaison” will consist of six episodes in total. (AppleTV+)

The first chapter of Connection created on February 24 on the platform of streaming.

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