• Venezuelan Foreign Minister Carlos Faría read a letter from President Nicolás Maduro at the UN, in which he points out that the actions against Russia “far from adding to peace, fuel the fire of war.”

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, rejected the “military provocations” and economic sanctions imposed on Russia by the West due to the war in Ukraine, through a letter read by his chancellor, Carlos Faría, before the United Nations General Assembly.

“We reject all the military provocations and interfering economic sanctions that have been taken against Russia, as well as the hate campaign unleashed to the detriment of the Slavic people, considering that these actions, far from adding to peace, fuel the fire of war” , says the text, a letter “open to humanity”.

The South American country supported Mexico’s proposal to create a “mediation committee”, made up of several heads of state and government, to promote the end of the war in Ukraine.

“We subscribe to the proposal (…) that advocates the creation of an international commission to facilitate sovereign dialogue between Russia and Ukraine, and we are at the disposal to facilitate its conditions,” continued the Venezuelan.

The president of Venezuela called on world leaders to leave ideological positions in the background and prioritize “the reestablishment of the diplomatic path and political dialogue over military confrontation.”

“Humanity will not survive a world war, therefore an escalation of war in no part of the world is in no one’s interest (…) in the eyes of my country, there are no good wars and bad wars,” he remarked.

“Political Persecutions”

The president recalled that 913 economic sanctions weigh on his country and took the opportunity to ask for an end to these “illegal” restrictions, as well as the “political persecution” against Nicaragua, Cuba, Iran and Russia, nations ideologically close to the Bolivarian revolution.

He considered that the planet is on the verge of a crisis “that could be the last for humanity”, before asking the leaders of Europe and North America if they are deaf or, instead, can bet on an “ethical change in favor of the construction of a new world without colonized or colonizers”.

“It has to accept (the West) the indisputable emergence of new powers and new leaderships such as China, Russia, India, Iran, Turkey (…) there is no time for arrogance, there is no time for useless confrontations and skirmishes,” he said.

Going further, he called for injustices to be corrected and for the claims of the Saharawi and Palentino peoples to be recognized, who have been denied, he said, the “right to have a homeland”.

Likewise, he spoke in favor of reparation for the Argentine people, for whom he asked that their rights over the Malvinas Islands -located in the South Atlantic and controlled by the United Kingdom since 1833- be restored, which, in the words of Maduro, they were “torn by blood and fire by imperial logic”.

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