Venezuela: Man loses foot after stepping on explosives on the border with Colombia

Venezuela: Man Loses Foot After Stepping on Explosives on the Border With Colombia

A peasant from the Venezuelan state of Apure -border with Colombia- he lost his left foot when stepping on an installed explosive device, as reported on Tuesday by the operational strategic commander, Domingo Hernández Lárez, allegedly “Colombian narco-terrorists”.

“As a consequence of having stepped on an explosive device installed by Colombian narco-terrorists in our Apureño territory, a humble peasant, who was moving through the field in his daily work, lost his left foot, being helped by members of the FANB (National Armed Forces). Bolivariana),” Hernández wrote on his Twitter account.

The tweet was accompanied by images showing a man lying on a stretcher with the end of his leg bandaged.

In February, the defense minister, Vladimir Padrino Lopezreported that at least Eight people died in Venezuela due to the detonation of anti-personnel mines installed in Apure by armed groups from the Andean country, although it did not specify in what period of time these civilians died.

This Tuesday, Hernández reported that the country’s authorities dismantled, also in Apure, a camp where he was hiding. “war material”used by “Colombian narco-terrorists”.

According to the military high command, the operation was carried out following the orders of the president of the Caribbean country, Nicholas Maduroto continue the fight against irregular groups, as well as to deactivate “improvised” explosives and traps set by gang members seeking “attack” against the Venezuelans.

“Following orders from Commander-in-Chief Nicolás Maduro, explosives experts from the FANB continue to fight tancol groups, deactivating improvised explosives and traps set by Colombian drug traffickers in Apure to attack the life, freedom and dignity of Venezuelans,” Hernández explained on the network. Social.

“Tancol” is an acronym invented by the Venezuelan government that does not refer to any specific gang and with which officials refer to “Colombian drug-trafficking armed terrorists.”

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