US grants humanitarian visa to father of Colombian boy hospitalized with terminal cancer in Miami

US grants humanitarian visa to father of Colombian boy hospitalized with terminal cancer in Miami

The United States granted a humanitarian visa to the father of a Colombian boy hospitalized with terminal cancer in Miami. EFE/Sashenka Gutierrez

Andrés Rosales, father of Julian Andres Rosales Garzon, received the humanitarian visa from the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection to find her son, who is in a clinic in Miami, United States, battling a terminal cancerand that according to the doctors, already done metastasis in your body.

The 11-year-old boy from Cali He traveled with his mother to the United States in hopes of finding better treatment. However, the unfortunate news of the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital medical report has been discouraging to those close to him in recent days due to the minor’s serious medical condition.

According to Julián’s family, his only request was to see his father, and for this reason they had made a called on the Colombian and North American authorities to help him obtain a humanitarian visa.

In the dialogues for snail news, Andres Rosales, who lives in Itagüí, Antioquia, said, “I should be the one there. If it was in my hands, I’d give my life to him, and that makes me angry because for me, all this effort, everything I’ve achieved is for him, and feeling like he’s leaving me everyday is very difficult.

“The fact that the doctors tell us that there is nothing more to do means that they are no longer doing chemotherapy, which indicates that the cancer progresses much faster, it’s all just a matter of days, ”he told the quoted medium with tears in his eyes.

Julián Andrés Rosales’ father said his son “has always been my driving force, in fact he is the love of my life, I found true love with him. It’s frustrating because even though he’s an 11-year-old boy, he encourages me and gives me strength.”

Julian Andres Rosales Garzon.  Instagram @catalinag45
Julian Andres Rosales Garzon. Instagram @catalinag45

Also, on the station Radio Blue The minor’s father said it was the federal agency that authorized his trip with the mediation of Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who from Miami facilitated the approval migratory by US authorities.

“They asked me for all the relevant documents, very quickly, and right now we are reviewing the email in which they tell us that US Customs and Border Protection is giving me a humanitarian exception to enter the United States,” said Andrés Rosales. .

As for the minor’s mother, Sindy Garzon, explained that Julián Rosales’ illness began with Ewing’s sarcoma, which over time affected other parts of his body. “They decided to do a bone marrow transplant, but in Cali there were no options for him, so we decided to travel to the United States a year ago. Julián traveled, he met, he was doing great, until he had a relapse and the meds weren’t working anymore and the tumor came back a little stronger,” he revealed.

Eventually, the 11-year-old boy finds himself receiving palliative carethe final stage that terminal cancer patients face, during which they receive therapy to eliminate physical and emotional pain.

This case is reminiscent of the bumanguesa Mercedes Castaneda, died in a Las Vegas hospital where she had been admitted to the intensive care unit, after fainting nearly a week earlier after leaving work. Her family could not see her for the last time and the farewell was a rue of honor from the doctors of the medical center.

Retired Mayor Castañeda was 49 and had been in the United States for almost seven months, where she had gone to work to get money to send to Colombia and help her family. She would be there with her sentimental partner.

At the end of February, the woman was leaving work when she passed out and had a seizure. She was taken to a Nevada hospital, where she was immediately admitted with a stroke. Doctors diagnosed him with an aneurysm, but soon after three veins in his brain burst, making his recovery difficult.

She had to be admitted to intensive care, with assisted ventilation and was diagnosed as brain dead. Her husband, Gonzalo Rey, accompanied her as she sought on social media the support of her compatriots and the Colombian authorities, both economically and on the procedures for the mayor’s daughters to travel to say goodbye. .

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