“In the fourth (flying object), over Lake Huron, the first shot missed. The second shot hit,” Milley said at a news conference after the coalition of more than 50 countries met. who support Ukraine, which was held today in Brussels.

Although he acknowledged that the first shot missed the balloon shot down by the United States over Lake Huron, he pointed out that the other three flying objects (over the Atlantic, over the Alaska and above the Canadian Yukon) hit the target with a single shot.

The US military shot down a new unidentified flying object on Sunday, this time as it flew over Lake Huron in the north of the country.

Milley stressed on Tuesday that the “most important thing” for the US military is to “protect the people” of the country and that it assesses the risk of the balloons themselves and the shots to bring them down.

“We are doing everything we can to make sure the airspace is clear, the outlook is clear,” he said, adding that the missile that missed the first attempt landed “safely” in the lake. Huron.

He added that the remains of the flying objects shot down over Alaska, Lake Huron and the Canadian Yukon have yet to be recovered.

“We will eventually get them back, but it will take time to get them back,” he said.

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