UN Security Council calls emergency meeting on North Korea

UN Security Council calls emergency meeting on North Korea

The Security Council of the HIM-HER-IT will have an emergency closed-door meeting on Wednesday about North Korea, which claimed to have launched a “new type” of ballistic missile on Tuesday, increasing its military capabilities, diplomats told AFP.

The session, in the afternoon, was requested by the United Kingdom and the United States, the same sources specified.

France subsequently joined London and Washington’s request for an emergency meeting, a diplomat said.

Earlier Tuesday, China’s ambassador to the UN Zhang Jun, whose country has frequently shown support for Pyongyang in recent years, declined to respond to reporters questioning him about the North Korean exercise.

Russia’s deputy ambassador to the UN, Dmitry Polyanskiy, had warned against rushing.

“We need to find more information” about this shot because the interpretations of the events in North Korea “They have always been contradictory”, he specified.

The shot “It can come from anywhere. We only have press information and I don’t trust them too much, we need an expert assessment “added the Russian diplomat.

North Korea it said Wednesday that it fired a ballistic missile from a submarine that, if confirmed, would allow the nuclear-weapon country to have a second attack capability other than launching missiles from silos or ground vehicles.

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