Ukraine will not agree to Canada sending turbines for Nord Stream, says Zelensky

Ukraine will not agree to Canada sending turbines for Nord Stream, says Zelensky

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskywarned Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a phone call on Sunday that his country will never accept Canada’s decision to re-send turbines to the Nord Stream pipeline. violating the sanctions regimeagainst Russia.

It was the first meeting between the two leaders since Ottawa’s decision last week to return the turbinesrepaired in Canadato the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream. Zelensky had already criticized what he called a decision “unacceptable” and in his daily statement, he said he told Trudeau that “Ukrainians would never accept the decision to Canada”.

“It is a question of respect for sanctions. If there is a violation now, there will be others soon.” added the Ukrainian president, accusing Russia of blackmailing the gas and underlining the existence of other means to get the fuel to Europe.

After the conversation with Trudeau, Zelensky said on Twitter, without referring to the matter directly, that the international position on sanctions should “be based on principles” and that the pressure on Russia should be increased, not decreased.

Ottawa justifies its decision, which excludes the repaired turbines from the sanctions against Moscow, on the need not to interrupt the supply of energy to Europe, in particular Germany.

Trudeau “Reaffirms the continued support of Canada a Ukraine in the face of Russian military aggression,” according to a statement that stresses the importance of “maintaining strong unity among the allies.” and the need to “continue to impose high costs on Russia for the illegal and unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine”.

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