Ukraine says Russian troops have fuel and food for three days

Ukraine says Russian troops have fuel and food for three days

The Russian forces that have invaded Ukraine only have reserves of ammunition, fuel and food for no more than three days, according to the latest war report by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense at the beginning of the twenty-seventh day of the invasion.

According to this report, “the Russian occupation forces operating in Ukraine have reserves of ammunition and food for no more than three days. The situation is similar with fuel, which is replenished with tank trucks.”

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said that Russia “was unable to establish a pipeline to meet the needs of its troops” in the areas where it operates.

The part of the Ukrainian Ministry indicated that “no significant changes have been noted in the position and nature of the actions of the defense forces during the last day.”

Also, during the last 24 hours, he added, “more than 9 enemy air targets have been hit by units of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Air Defense of the Ground Forces.” It consists of 1 plane, 6 unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and 2 helicopters.

“More active actions by enemy aircraft have been observed in the last 24 hours,” according to the Ukrainian war report, which also says that acts of civil disobedience are taking place in the Lugansk region because “a large part of the population does not support the policy of the occupiers and has no desire to take up arms.”

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