More than 10,000 couples got married in Ukraine and just as many children were born in the country since the beginning of the war, almost three weeks ago, with the Russian invasion, the “special military operation” announced on February 24 by Vladimir Putin. The data comes from the Kiev Ministry of Justice and, reports the Dpa agency, speak of 10,683 registered marriages. “The war continues in the country, but life does not stop”, they say from Ukraine, also confirming that 10,767 children have been born in the country since 24 February.

Official data that comes after news of frontline marriages, such as the story of a ritual that would have been celebrated in recent days at a checkpoint near Kiev with the bride in camouflage, or those of those who would get married for fear of not seeing each other more. Numbers that arrive while the exodus of thousands and thousands of people fleeing the war continues from Ukraine.

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