Ukrainian farmers have so far threshed 17.5 million tons of the 2022 grain harvest, with an average yield of 3.64 tons per hectare, the Ukrainian union of grain traders UGA and the Ministry of Agriculture reported on Friday.

The union statement said the volume included 12.6 million tonnes of wheat, with an average yield of 3.6 tonnes per hectare, and 4.4 million tonnes of barley, with an average yield of 3.38 tonnes per hectare. .

The UGA indicated that farmers also harvested 2.5 million tons of rapeseed, with a yield of 2.68 tons per hectare.

The Ministry said that farmers had harvested 4.8 million hectares of cereals, with 3.5 million hectares of wheat, 1.3 million hectares of barley and 101,000 hectares of peas.

According to the Ministry, the Ukrainian regions of Odessa and Mykolaiv, located in the south of the country, have almost completed the 2022 wheat harvest.

Ukraine, one of the world’s leading grain producers and exporters, harvested a record 86 million tons of grain in 2021. This includes 42.1 million tons of corn and 32.2 million tons of wheat.

The government has said this year’s harvest could drop to about 65-67 million tonnes of grains and oilseeds.

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