Ukrainian troops repelled dozens of Russian attacks in Bakhmut (REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach)

The staff of the Ukrainian armed forces denounced this Sunday dozens of Russian attacks against the Ukrainian positions in the east of the country which, according to kyiv, resulted in significant losses for the invading troops of Vladimir Poutine.

Specifically, the army indicated that 45 Russian attacks were repelled around Bakhmut and Marinkawhere the front line has not changed. “The enemy suffers heavy losses, but clings to its plan to occupy Ukrainian territory”he claimed.

In other parts of the country, attacks have also taken place despite the celebration of Orthodox Easter, such as in Mikolaiv, where two teenagers were killed, according to the military governor, Vital Kim.

In Zaporizhzhia, the military governor, Yuri Malashko, reports a “big attack” which caused damage to a church, forcing the cancellation of religious celebrations. “They don’t respect anything, not even the night of Christ’s resurrection,” he blasted.

ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenskycongratulated believers this Sunday on the occasion of the Orthodox Easter, which Ukraine says it celebrates “with unshakable faith” in the victory against Russia, in a speech in which he for once abandoned his military uniform to put on a traditional embroidered shirt.

Ukraine has assured that Russian troops are suffering heavy losses as attacks in the east increase (REUTERS/Alexander Ermoshenko)
Ukraine has assured that Russian troops are suffering heavy losses as attacks in the east increase (REUTERS/Alexander Ermoshenko)

“Today we celebrate the feast of the Lord’s Resurrection. Its main symbol is victory: the victory of good, the victory of truth, the victory of life. We celebrate Easter with unwavering faith in the irreversibility of these victories,” he said in a video released by the Presidency.

Zelensky recalled how, at the end of last winter, the Russian invasion brought “death, pain and darkness”, which however failed to weaken the Ukrainians’ desire for freedom and their will to defend their country.

“We have kept the light within us. We have overcome panic, fear, arguments and quarrels. We joined. Millions of sparks in millions of Ukrainian hearts turned into a huge bonfire,” the president said.

Zelensky pointed out that since then Ukraine has come a long way, although the most difficult moments of its odyssey may still be ahead, despite this “The sun will rise again over our whole country.”

In his Orthodox Easter message, President Zelensky argued that "the sun will rise again" on Ukraine (Press Service of the Ukrainian Presidency/Handout via REUTERS)
In his Orthodox Easter message, President Zelensky said “the sun will rise again” over Ukraine (Ukrainian President’s Press Service/Handout via REUTERS)

“Even today, a year ago, we were all praying for Ukraine to resist. Now for Ukraine to be victorious. We did not just sit down and ask for it, but we won and created this victory ourselves,” said the Head of State.

Easter represents “the light of rebirth”, which he equated with rebuilding the country, as well as “the light of truth”, which involves the rule of law and justice that will punish those responsible for the invasion, did he declare.

The president also remembered those who “gave their lives for the country” and asked God to protect “all who continue to defend the fatherland”.

“Christ is risen. Truly he is risen,” his message concludes.

(With information from DPA and EFE)

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