David Parker, one of the most radical Anti-vax in the UK, dies of coronavirus

David Parker, one of the most radical Anti-vax in the UK, dies of coronavirus

Amid another worrying spike in cases of coronavirus in the United Kingdom, the news of the death of one of its most incredulous citizens in front of vaccines comes as a ‘mirror’ for skeptics.

David Parker, owner of a nightclub in the county of North Yorkshire, in central England, died in the last hours because of covid-19, a disease that he had never taken seriously.

As can be read in his posts on Facebook, he did not share even the slightest care to face the health emergency.

For instance, he refused to wear a mask until they “verified that its prolonged use would not cause serious respiratory complications”.

As Steve Willgnal, one of his closest friends and manager of his bar, commented to the newspaper ‘The Sun’, Parker was reluctant to believe in the significance of the pandemic.

We argued about vaccination, we tried to convince him to put it on, but he didn’t. He did not believe in it and did not want it, it was because of mistrust of the elite, frankly, and we could not make him change his mind“, he said.

Even Willgnal relates that they contracted covid together after working in the bar kitchen for long hours.

The anti-vax, owner of a bar, was against all mobility restrictions that governments have applied.

“But the difference is that I was able to recover enough to go back to work after 10 days after three negative tests, while David’s situation got worse.”

“After he was infected, he did not want to do tests, he did not want to call a doctor. When there was no answer, I went to his house, went inside and, as soon as I saw him, I called an ambulance.” Steve highlighted.

According to the medical report, his state of health deteriorated and he died as a result of complications derived from the covid-19 virus.

As read in one of his Facebook posts, David Parker believed that the pandemic was the third World war between governments and citizens fighting for “freedom”.

Also, his profile is full of memes and worrying misinformation with regard to vaccination and biosanitary care.

According to Willignal, the family of the anti-vax is devastated.

Even so “they are encouraging everyone to get vaccinated because they don’t want others to suffer like they are doing now”.

“Rest in peace, Uncle David. If you had had the vaccine, this would have saved you,” one of his nieces commented in a posthumous publication.

After presenting about 30 thousand new infections this Thursday, the countries of the United Kingdom are consolidated with 5.98 million cases and more of 100 thousand deaths as the sixth most affected population by the pandemic in the world.

So far, only 58% of its citizens have received the vaccine despite having enough doses to cover the total demand.

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