Uganda.- Museveni warns that it will not allow foreign interference on its victory in the elections

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The president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, has assured that he will not tolerate any type of foreign interference, in veiled reference to the United States, on his victory in the presidential elections, which the president considered fully legitimate despite the complaints of his rival, Robert Kyagulanyi, better known as Bobi Wine.

“Any attempt to disrupt will be definitively defeated. If someone dares to disturb our peace, we will deal with it decisively,” Museveni said this Saturday in his first public appearance after the declaration of his victory by the electoral commission.

Likewise, the president has rejected any accusation of irregularities, as both Bobi Wine and the US State Department have denounced in a statement issued late on Saturday.

“We are deeply concerned about the numerous and credible reports of violence from the security forces during the pre-electoral period and the irregularities during the elections,” lamented spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus in a note posted on the department’s website.

“I think these elections”, responded Museveni, “have been the most ‘cheat-free’ since 1962. Issues such as underage voting or multiple voting have been solved thanks to our biometric voter registration machines.”

Finally, the president has recognized the attachment of Bobi Wine among the youth population, although in no way does it represent a justification for a possible victory.

“I have heard that, thanks to the support of young people, Bobi Wine should have won. But the fact is that I have obtained five million votes and he, only three million,” he assured in statements collected by the Ugandan television network NTV.

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