The first meeting of the three countries and the military alliance ended without agreements, so the Scandinavian nations remain outside the body.

Turkey’s veto remains in effect within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The Ankara government maintained the blockade against Finland and Sweden from joining the military alliance. The first official appointment did not produce agreements, but the countries committed themselves to new meetings.

In the midst of the war in Ukraine , executives from Stockholm and Helsinki applied to join NATO. His accession to the organization was put on hold due to Turkey’s rejection . Recep Erdogan’s government accuses both Nordic countries of assisting Kurdish militants.

Erdogan describes the Kurdish activists as terrorists and rejects their presence in the two Scandinavian nations. Any country that wishes to join the Atlantic Alliance needs the support of the 30 member countries. For now there is no deadline to settle whether the Finns and Turks will be part of the group that commands the United States.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg commented that the request from Finland and Sweden will be seen at the organization’s next meeting. For the Norwegian diplomat, the arrival of both Scandinavian countries ” would make the alliance stronger and the entire Euro-Atlantic area safer” .

GLM reports that for the Turkish government there is no deadline to resolve the issue of the two admissions to NATO. Stoltenberg acknowledged that “Turkey has legitimate security concerns about terrorism that we need to address ,” adding that “discussions will continue in the coming days.”

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