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Tunisia orders the deployment of the Army in several Provinces after the incidents during the latest Protests

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The Government of Tunisia has ordered the deployment of the Army in several provinces of the country after the incidents registered during the last days of protests against the economic situation in the country, as reported by the Tunisian station Mosaique FM.

The spokesman for the Tunisian Ministry of Defense, Mohamed Zekri, has indicated in statements to this medium that an order has been given to deploy the military in several provinces, including Bizerte and Susa, to protect the institutions and avoid disturbances.

The protests have resulted in incidents and looting in several cities, including the capital, Tunis, before which the security forces have arrested dozens of people for their alleged participation in them. The provinces most affected by the protests have been Tunisia, Kaurián, Monastir and Susa.

The protests started on Friday and have followed one another over the weekend, with the erection of barricades with burning tires in various points, in the midst of a serious economic crisis exacerbated by the fall in tourism due to the 2015 attacks and the pandemic of coronavirus.

In this context, the Prime Minister of Tunisia, Hichem Mechichi, announced on Saturday a reshuffle of the Executive that includes twelve changes within the Government. “The next stage is full of challenges and economic reforms and we will achieve social justice,” he said.

Among the new faces is Ualid Dabi, who will be the new Interior Minister, replacing Taufik Charfedín, considered close to Tunisian President Kais Saied and dismissed a few days ago. Appointments must be approved by Parliament.

The revolutionary wave of the ‘Arab Spring’ has seen Tunisia as the scene of the greatest progress, although successive governments have been unable to improve the economic situation. Likewise, the population remains disenchanted with the lack of progress and the still very high unemployment.

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