Tragic accident caused the death of a person on the Llano road

Tragic accident caused the death of a person on the Llano road

This Thursday, April 1, a man fell from a car and was run over by a tractor-trailer on the Llano road. According to information from the road concessionaire Coviandina, the person in a street condition slipped when he was traveling illegally in a truck tract, at the height of the Boquerón tollbooth.

At that moment another heavy vehicle passed which did not stop and ended up killing the man. Lieutenant Fernando Martínez, an operative official of the Meta Civil Defense, was summoned by Blu Radio and recounted the tragedy.

“On lane 3, a person who gets on a freight car slips, and a truck tractor passes over him, losing his life instantly, which caused the closure of the Villavicencio-Bogotá road.”

This accident produced a traffic jam that lasted at least an hour while the body was being lifted from the area.

Since the beginning of the Easter period, the “Infrastructure and Transportation to save lives on the road” plan was implemented, which articulates the actions and strategies of the Ministry of Transportation to promote safe and responsible mobility of Colombians, who are asked to that they continue to comply with the biosecurity protocols throughout the season and in all means of transport.

The Ministry of Transport, the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV), the National Institute of Roads (Invías), the Superintendency of Transportation, the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) and Cormagdalena, together with Ditra, deployed this plan to accompany the mobilization of Colombians and support the process of economic reactivation.

According to the Transportation portfolio, 9,720,878 vehicles are expected to circulate through the toll road. To take care of them, the National Police implemented a device with 130,000 soldiers, led by more than 6,000 men and women from the Directorate of Traffic and Transportation, who guard the country’s roads.

For these actions, 514 alcohol sensors, 215 speed radars, 32 total stations, 69 mobile criminalistics units and five classroom buses have been arranged.

In addition, thanks to the articulation with the entities of the sector, there are vehicles such as cranes, inspection vehicles, ambulances, backhoes, dump trucks, backhoe loaders, compactors, patrols, motorcycles and workshop cars, which together exceed 4,640 vehicles for the provision of services to travelers.

“Holy Week is a test for the economic reactivation of the country and for everyone’s commitment to self-care. We are aware that it is a season in which tourism and mobility are increasing throughout the country, but we cannot forget that we are still in a pandemic and that each one of us is responsible for our health” said the Minister of Transportation, Angela María Orozco Gómez.

The objective of the campaign is to facilitate the conditions for citizens to travel through Colombia safely and responsibly, taking into account the winter season that the country is experiencing and the restrictions that may arise in some places to face the pandemic.

In response to this, a group made up of 176 regionals from the Ministry of Transportation and their entities accompany travelers in all departments of the country permanently, monitoring any news that may arise.

“Those who travel by land must obey all traffic regulations and drive wisely, as we face the rains and it affects driving conditions. During this week we are alert to any contingency caused by the winter season, and we deploy all our efforts to solve them promptly”, said the minister.

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