Tragedies in football: 5 events that have shaken us in this 2022

Tragedies in football: 5 events that have shaken us in this 2022

  • The stampede inside an Indonesian stadium, where there were 125 dead and 323 deceased, revived the memory of other tragedies that we have experienced in football this year.

The incidents in Indonesia, in which at least 125 people have lost their lives and 323 injured have been recorded to date, due to a stampede inside a soccer stadium, where fans were urgently looking for exits to escape the effects of the tear gas that was thrown on the grass and the stands, made this event position itself as the second most serious in the history of football and the first place of those that have occurred in this 2022.

This fact that mourned the world of football made us remember 4 tragedies that have overshadowed this sport in recent months and here we list them.

The first came on January 25, where 8 people died and 38 were injured in an avalanche of fans at the entrance to the Olembe stadium, in Yaoundé (Cameroon), before the start of the Africa Cup of 16 round of 16 match between the host team, Cameroon, and Comoros.

The second was in Mexico on March 5, in which 26 were reported injured in a fight and subsequent disturbance between fans of Querétaro and Atlas de Guadalajara, when the match between the two was played at the Corregidora Stadium. The match was suspended in the 62nd minute when the pitch was invaded by spectators fleeing fights in the stands.

The third was on March 6, in Brazil, where a brawl called by social networks between fifty fans of Atlético Mineiro and Cruzeiro, the two most important clubs in Belo Horizonte, ended with one dead from a gunshot wound and one wounded. in the vicinity of the Mineirao stadium, hours before the match between the two.

The fourth was just last week, on September 30 in Santiago de Chile, when a part of the roof of the Monumental Stadium of Colo Colo collapsed, during a public practice for the classic against the Catholic University, in which at least 9 injured and several of them with fractures.

The fifth, and most recent, occurred a day later, at the end of the match between Arema FC and Persebaya Surabaya, in Kanjuruhan, a town in Indonesia, where fans entered the field and the police tried to disperse them with tear gas.

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